Heeeello!! I am back from Zante and had a really lovely time. We stayed in Kalamaki at a hotel which we stayed at 6 years ago so it was lovely to re-visit to see how much it had changed. In all honesty, I took less than 100 photos whilst out there and most were on my phone. I worked whilst in Lanzarote so I wanted to switch off a lot more in Zante so instead of picking up the camera to capture memories; I took them all in with my own eyes.


  • eaten so much food - the high being pork gyros and the lows being a very basic pasta dish.
  • consumed way too many strawberry Calippo ice lollies.
  • lost at pool most nights and threw a strop about it every time.
  • somehow won a few games of UNO.
  • fell in love with cosmopolitan cocktails.
  • made friends with just about every single stray dog on the island. 
  • got on the back of a quad bike despite being scared shitless.
  • cried with frustration.
  • got through 3 bottles of sun cream.
  • come home tattoo-less; despite being in Zante and being rather tempted.
  • attempted to snorkel with turtles but gave up after 5 minutes of trying.
  • bought an ankle bracelet with elephants on.
  • saw a crab in the sea.
  • successfully tanned with only about 5% sunburn for the duration of the holiday.
  • felt happy with my body enough to walk around in a bikini and no makeup ALL DAY.
  • made sure to take time out for myself by taking myself and a book to the beach for a few hours. 

I did however, shoot my favourite outfit of the holiday. Another item from M and M direct is this Fluid crochet vest which I have been wearing non stop and it washes up lovely! I also placed a little last minute order with the day before I left and picked up some key pieces for holiday. I have seen loads of fashion bloggers rocking head scarfs so I picked up a tribal knotted headband which unfortunately is now sold out!

It was love at first sight with the Lorelle paisley pants which are still available in the sale for just £8! Of course they are a wide leg fit - I mean; do I actually wear anything else?!

Lastly, I picked up the Heidi cleated peep toe sandals which I LOVE! I thought it was about time I invested in a nice pair of sandal boots as I have got rid of so many clothes and shoes recently! They are super comfy and have a platform heel which makes them really easy to walk in... and Zante is full of hills, holes in the road and other surprises!

I have so much fresh content to share with you so expect lots of posts over the next few weeks. I am also ecstatic to say that next Monday (11th) is my blog's 5th "birthday". I cannot believe I have been consistently updating you guys with my life updates, my outfits and other shenanigans for almost FIVE YEARS. 

I think I am going to do some kind of round up post and look back at some of the highs and lows over the past five years. Some we can laugh at and some I can cry at.

For now, I'll love and leave you. 

From me to you.. x


  1. You look stunning in this outfit and I love the trousers!

  2. Love this outfit! Crochet is one of my favourite styles! Looks like you had a nice time xx

    1. Thanks Celia! Oh my goodness, me too. I have bought so much crochet recently!

      Ashleigh x

  3. I've just had a last minute boohoo panic for Barcelona next week too, they're so good for afforable outfits! Love these pants, you look beaut!

    Jen /


    1. Ooo, how exciting! Hope you have a lovely time.. I'm very jealous haha!

      Ashleigh x

  4. Such an amazing outfit, you look fab! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  5. Nothing better than reading a book on the beach for a few hours! Sounds like a fun trip...and I LOVE your sandals :)


  6. I kind of love everything about this look. That crochet top and lace up shoes are my faves though!

    Grace xx


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