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It’s been in your calendar for weeks, actually no – it’s been there for MONTHS. And no doubt you have been paying attention to what you are eating and drinking to make sure that you are looking and feeling your absolute best for the big weekend. 
For most of us, festivals mean a weekend of fun, freedom and questionable choices; and to quote the saying “a little party never hurt nobody”, putting your health and safety at risk whilst you are away just doesn’t make sense. So read on to discover to how to enjoy a summer of festivals with an undercurrent of sensibility… 

{image credit: Kaye Ford}

Staying Hydrated 
Between drinking, dancing and sweating it’s easy to forget about topping up our water levels. 
Becoming dehydrated is far from a mildly uncomfortable experience, and if it becomes serious can leave you being hospitalised. Take a case or 2 of bottled water with you, while the collapsible pouches are quirky and easily folded away, it could take you a while to locate the nearest place to fill up again!
Alternating between alcoholic drinks and water not only means that you will keep yourself hydrated, but you will also be keeping a hangover at bay – meaning that you won’t miss your favourite act because you couldn’t face the light of day. Although you might still want to remember your sunglasses to hide behind.
Taking rehydration sachets to add to water also prevents you from becoming dehydrated by keeping salt and sugar levels balanced. Admittedly they don’t taste particularly appealing, but they work wonders!

Food Choices
Food choices at festivals are becoming inherently healthier, as the ‘whole’ and ‘clean’ trend rages on. Even so, these options can be vastly overpriced!
Buying a decent size cool box and filling it with fresh fruit (especially bananas, the potassium works wonders for hangovers!) nuts, vegetable sticks and humus, rice cakes, cold pressed juices and protein drinks (if you can’t stomach a breakfast) will lessen the amount of money that you will need to spend on meals whilst away.
Making the right food choices is also going to aid your body when it comes to any repair that it needs to carry out when all the fun stops! Yes, I’m talking about your liver here.

“Because no great story ever started with a salad”
We have touched upon it briefly already but there are smarter choices when it comes to drinking at festivals. 
Rule 101: Stay away from hard liquor!! Some people argue that drinking it neat means you are less likely to spend time in the queue for the loo, but I guess it depends on your tolerance levels? You don’t want to be out of control for 3 reasons;
Personal safety should be high on your list of priorities. You don’t to be so drunk that you miss the acts, or you can’t recall them!
Hangovers: Opting for a more refreshing tipple will meet your fun criteria; think light beer, a fruity cider or wine spritzers!

Its 2016 and by now, we are fully aware that smoking is a no-go area. But if you have previously been a smoker then you already know that giving up is HARD and it’s even harder once you’ve got a drink in your hand. 
If you can get by on will power alone, then I salute you – give yourself a high five. However, if you have even the slightest inkling that you might fall off of the wagon then I would consider investing in an ‘emergency’ E Cigarette. 
Although don’t go for the ones that look like cigarettes with a blue light on the end, I’ve heard countless rumours that they aren’t allowed at many festivals? ‘Vaping’ is becoming big business and there are so many styles to choose from, not to mention flavours of liquid; breathing out clouds of candyfloss, cherry cola or pineapple smoke has to be better than the stale scent of tobacco? 
There is some slight differences in the base ingredients of the liquids, so it’s worth reading up before making the decision of which one you opt for. 

Mobile Devices 
Normally our smart phones are a necessity, permanently glued to our palm for primarily social (networking) reasons. However, at a festival it also becomes a camera, a torch, a mirror, a weatherman and potentially a lifeline!
Stocking up on extra battery packs (and making sure that they are all charged) is a must! Buying them from high streets can be prove to be pretty expensive, so it’s worth having a look around online and reading reviews to make sure you are getting the best value for your money!

Now, I know many of you think that you can’t be some sort of sensible AND have fun but hopefully this post has gone a little way to prove that wrong…. But in all seriousness, festival season only happens once a year and we really should make the most of it.


  1. Staying hydrated really is SO important. Drinking in between alcoholic drinks is a good idea! Also like the battery pack idea, too! I picked up a cheap battery pack for my phone from eBay, I'd recommend trying eBay first :) Great tips, thank you for sharing. xx

  2. I am glad food is getting a remake. I always hated unhealthy, heavy and greasy festival food.


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