Online marketplaces have really kicked off over the last five years. Surfing online at the 'new in' sections on retailers' websites is one of the biggest procrastination methods. You can now photograph and upload your old clothes in the hope that someone else will appreciate what you once loved and you'll hopefully make money online.

ezebee.com is a social commerce platform and free online marketplace designed for small and medium sized businesses. They have just re-launched with an up to date platform and social features and c clear "mobile first" strategy. After taking a look around for myself, I couldn't believe how easy it was to navigate around the new website and also how easy it was for my bank account to hate me from some new purchases made. Oooooops!

ezebee.com's goal is to offer worldwide small business (or medium) owners their very own platform for selling online. Whether it's your old clothes, the entire contents of your garage 'junk' or maybe you're a creative who makes and sells things; ezebee.com gives you the chance to run your own free online shop. Online buyers like me and you can surf happily in the comfort of our sweatpants and buy new things at the click of a button. Whether it's fashion or DIY products, there is a wide variety of different products being uploaded and sold on ezebee.com everyday. 

Import option: Import products to ezebee.com from any other website simply by pasting the link into the import bar and all the data including image will be uploaded in seconds.

Pin option: Pin products from other websites, in a similar way to Pinterest, and then users will be redirected to original website when clicking on this offer in the ezebee.com marketplace.

Chat & Buy system: When you want to purchase an offer, just click on 'chat & buy' to talk directly to the seller. This means users can negotiate shipping options and prices.

Internal currency: EZB Coins enable users from all over the world to swap products without the use of money. This makes it fair for trade between countries, such as India to Europe, USA or else, and means sellers can make a fair living.

Technical Platform: mobile first and full responsive, graph-based search engine, tag-based product segmentation, algorithmic business logic, fast and easy csv-import functions for big data and product uploads

User Interface: responsive product wall based on search history per user

Merchant features: free webshop/page builder, chat-to-buy and payment wallet, unlimited bandwith and product uploads, boost-function (equivalent to facebook), product scraper, automatic sharing functions

What more do you need for an online marketplace? I've created my free online shop and you should too if you have things laying around that you could sell!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with ezebee.com. However, I really do recommend it which is why I've decided to feature it. All opinions remain my own. 

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  1. It has some good features such as the EZB coin swap, sounds interesting and different from others available at the moment xo

    LaaLaa | Dolce Vanity


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