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When summer arrives at our door step along with it comes a new sense of freedom and (mentally crosses everything) sunshine too. But whilst the glorious sunshine is a great excuse for all the ice cream and cocktails you can manage, you can actually keep it relatively healthy too.  
Summer is the event of the year. Crammed full of exciting plans and probably a bit of indulgence too, but if you want to keep your health in check then this quick guide to the summer events of the season should help keep you on track for your best summer yet!

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Holiday Getaway

A two week jaunt abroad each year is what the majority of us work towards when we’re putting in the hours at our usual 9 to 5, and if the thought of a break leaves you running for the sun lounger quicker than Usain Bolt ever could then you deserve all the ice cream you can find.
Of course you want to make the most of the sunshine whilst on holiday but basking in the sun like a lizard all day without the right sun protection could mean you are doing some SERIOUS damage to your health. Make sure you know your sun lotion factors and never go in the sun without at least an SPF 30 on.

Weekend Festival 

Experiencing music live is an experience you simply can’t beat, combine that with a few of your BFFs, a sunshine filled field, plus a cider fueled afternoon and you’ve got yourself one heck of a weekend going on. 
But whilst festivals are full of indulgence you don’t need to completely lose sight of the health brigade. Remember to alternate your alcoholic drinks with water and eat foods which will keep you going for longer – yay to more energy for dancing! If you’re a smoker then consider switching to electronic cigarettes. Not only are they better for your health but they’re better for the environment too, after all no one wants to smell of tobacco and festival grime do they?

Picnic Time

When the sun does decide to show its pretty little face here in the UK it’s time to explore the great outdoors and grab a spot at the nearest park. Picnics are so quintessentially British and with a glass of Pimms in hand there’s no better way to while away an afternoon.
Whilst packing your picnic hamper full of deliciously naughty treats there’s plenty of healthy outdoor treats you can prepare in advance – don’t worry they’ll taste just as good promise. Thanks to the rise of the super foodie bloggers the popularity of being healthy has never been higher and recipes can be easily found on their Instagram pages. If you’re stuck for inspiration then this article has loads of yummy ideas. 

The Gym

In summer we all want to look and feel out best but if the thought of exercising indoors leaves you feeling bored then get into the great outdoors instead. Summer makes us all want to get more active and a big old run around outside in the fresh air can help to blow away those winter cobwebs.
Bike rides are often the summer activity of choice. Perfect for grabbing your friends, partner and family all together for a little expedition. Plan your route and stop off at your local pub – well you’ve got to have a little indulgence haven’t you!

Now that your healthy summer plans are all sorted; all that’s left to do is to pray for more sunshine!


  1. Picnic time are perfect for the summer! I think it's easier to make little health changes at a time and introduce them slowly :)

    Kirsty x

    1. I agree! I am trying to be a lot healthier this summer :-)

  2. I always feel I get more motivation in the summer to do gym, I like the sound of getaways though. Great post x

  3. In summer I definitely try to workout more but I never thought of going on bike rides - they're a really fun idea! x


    1. Summer bike rides are the BEST! Especially around the city :)


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