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When I was a teenager, smoking wasn’t considered an unusual act. Back in those days, people were not much aware of the side effects of smoking cigarettes. Cigarette companies were allowed to advertise their brand products and they never bothered to inform people how dangerous smoking actually is for teenagers or any age group.   
These days, the trend of smoking combustible tobacco cigarettes is comparatively a lot less among teenagers but there is a new smoking technology in the market that has become a parental concern. E-cigarette usage is the fastest growing trend among teenagers these days, and the latest study has revealed that the usage of e-cigs has increased three times as compared to the last year. 

1- From Smoking to Vaping
Powerful tobacco giants claim the largest share of the e-cigarette market. So it is easy for them to invest money in false advertisements claiming that e-cigarettes, with their harmless water vapor, are a safe option as compared to the regular combustible cigarettes. On the contrary, independent researchers have claimed that the ingredients in e-cigs can be a potential health threat, especially for teenagers. With ongoing research being done, it important for the parents to be well-informed about all the potential dangers this new addictive habit can bring to their children. 
2- Is Vaping Carcinogenic?
A research named, “A Smoking Gun: Cancer-Causing Chemicals in E-Cigarettes” was carried out by Center for Environmental Health (CEH) by testing almost 100 e-cigs and other related products. The research indicated that more than 90% of the brands, whose vaping products were studied, offered at least one product capable of producing carcinogenic chemical like formaldehyde. But then again, formaldehydes are present in the environment we breathe in because of the exhaust from the automobiles, power plants, and other manufacturing industries. It is impossible to dodge this chemical because it is present in a variety of household items like cosmetics, vitamins, processed foods, furniture, washing powder, paints and the list goes on. 
3- We’re Still Dealing with Nicotine
Nicotine intake is linked to a lot of health issues, especially reproductive problems that can be more serious for young women. According to a report, compiled by reviewing the date of past 50 years, smoking during pregnancy can be a major cause of serious birth defects including deformed skull and limbs, and clubfoot. Although a lot of people switch to vaping so they can quit smoking. A lot of e-juice flavors are offered in different nicotine concentrations that allow a user to gradually decrease their nicotine intake without feeling any withdrawal sickness.
4- Vaping: A Smoking Alternative or a Doorway?
Most of the e-cig marketing campaigns emphasize that vaping is the way out of combustible-tobacco-based cigarette smoking but the researchers have claimed the otherwise. According to a research carried out in 2014, people who vape are less likely to quit smoking. But if you take a look at those hundreds and thousands of people who actually have left smoking because of the fact that they switched to vaping then you can’t help but blame the game instead of the players. 
5- Harmful Effects of Vaping on Young Teenagers
Extremely high rates of nicotine poisoning related to the usage of e-cigarettes and related products are expected by poison control centers. The records show that the number of nicotine poisoning incidents has boosted by 13 times, from 2011 to 2014, and a lot of the related victims were under the age of 5 years old. The main reason behind children of such small age getting attracted towards vaping products is the sweet bubble gum and candy flavors that these e-cigarettes have to offer.

A lot of websites like Simply E-Liquid, that supply e-cigs and other related accessories, do not allow kids under the age of 18 to even visit there website. You can’t place an order for an e-cig or an e-juice if you are under-age, so from here, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to keep an eye on their kids and explain to them that vaping is nothing about being cool. It’s a way for a lot of people to switch from a harmful thing to something that eventually helps them get over their nicotine dependency.

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