Driving Theory Test - 10 Questions - Will You Pass or Fail?


Back in August, I wrote a post explaining why I stopped learning to drive and the response was really good. As I touched lightly in that post, I gave up driving because of a car accident that was the other driver's fault and it resulted in me losing my confidence to continue with it.

However, just recently, I have slowly started getting a bit more involved with working towards my "learning to drive" goal by picking up my theory book a little bit more every few nights. Slow progress is better than no progress, eh?

LV= are challenging you and I to re-sitting the theory test. Truth is, I haven't ever sat the real thing but the little test they have put together only consists of 10 questions so it's a nice little way to get your brain juices flowing and test your knowledge as a qualified or a learning driver.

In the UK, a theory test is an exam you have to sit from the age of 17 onwards. The theory test includes an exam consisting of 50 questions and then a hazard perception test afterwards which is interactive and sees you 'clicking' at each hazard you see in several scenarios. You HAVE to pass the theory test by getting at least 43 questions correct out of the 50 which means plenty of revision beforehand is advised!

You cannot sit your actual driving test without passing your theory test first.

Can you remember the correct stopping distances, road sign meanings and the road maneuverers that you can do as a qualified/learner driver??

I know for me, I have forgotten most of the rules of the road from when I was learning to drive a couple of years ago so I was really interested to see what score I got!

It's a fact that the majority of the actual theory test questions are just common sense however some can be worded in ways to try and trick you. I would highly recommend making sure to revise every section of an official theory test book before sitting the real theory test!

So, let's have a go at the quiz, shall we?

Here is the mini test that LV= put together. The questions are taken from an old theory test. I decided to use a piece of paper to write down each answer (no cheating involved!) to each question. The answers are at the bottom of the page which you can check afterwards.

Somehow, I managed to miraculously score 10 out of 10 so yay to me! I was expecting to get at least a few wrong!

Now it's your turn! Spend ten minutes going through the quiz and let LV= know how you scored through Twitter and/or Facebook. I would love to know how many out of 10 you got correct so do let me know below if you take the quiz! :)

I am hopefully going to continue revising for my theory test and pass it so I can start to sit some driving lessons again next year. I'm fed up of getting public transport everywhere!

Ashleigh x

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