Why I Stopped Learning To Drive


So you know what it's like when you're sixteen and 3 months away from turning 17; you can finally apply for and receive your provisional driving license within a couple of weeks. It's funny how that little green card can make you seem more adult than ever before. When I received mine, I was so excited to start learning to drive. However, college got in the way and this meant I was a poor student for what seemed like the longest time ever.

I finally had my first driving lesson with a cool instructor called Jeremy when I was 20; slightly later than I had planned but better late than never, right? We found Jeremy via the internet and he was reputable but you do have to be SO careful when finding the perfect instructor for you! I have heard so many horror stories!

Cutting a longer than long story short; I learnt to drive for AGES. Infact, I had well over 40 lessons and was told I was ready to sit my driving test as soon as I felt ready in myself. Truth be told, I hadn't even sat my theory test yet so this was the only thing stopping me doing my actual driving test!

I remember waking up one wintery morning and telling myself that I was ready to bite the bullet and just do it. I had a driving lesson that morning at 10am so got ready and waited to be picked up by Jeremy. I was so excited to finally tell him I was ready and that I would book my theory test that afternoon for the next few weeks. I had revised so hard and knew I was ready for both.

However, bang, smack, wollop

On that actual driving lesson, I was waiting at a 'give away' sign, front of the queue which was a slip road joining onto a dual carriageway. All of a sudden, another vehicle smashed into the back of me and I lost complete control of the car. I remember everything slowing down and I just forgot what I was doing. I took my feet off the pedals and before I or Jeremy knew it, we was rolling slowly into the middle of the dual carriageway with loads of oncoming traffic. Jeremy had to slam his foot on the break and panic settled in. I was in a daze and couldn't move or speak.

Thankfully, we was all okay and there was no damage to anyone involved. The bumpers on both cars were a little damaged but it was completely the other drivers fault. He admitted he was driving too fast and wasn't looking at the time he was driving because he was distracted by his children. I am so lucky in a way that I was only a learner driver and didn't have any responsibility with the aftermath of the crash.

When I do actually pass my test (it may actually happen one day!), I will make sure to get More Than Young Drivers Insurance which covers 18-24 year olds which is a telematics type of insurance. A black box is installed into the car; helping young people to drive safely whilst saving themselves up to £750 on their car insurance. Only problem is, I'm getting old!

So, that's why I never bothered to sit through another lesson and it's now been almost three years since this happened. It sounds ridiculous how your confidence can be knocked and shot down after three whole years; but it did. I am only just starting to feel truly ready again to get out there. Everyone close to me has a car and can get from A to B in no time; yet I suffer with stuffy tubes and overpacked buses.

I have no idea when I will get back into a car and face my fears but when I do, I won't let anything stop me!
Disclaimer: In collaboration with More Than but all words and photographs are my own.


  1. In all fairness I think that would put me off as well. I'm so glad I have a car though, I rely on it so much

  2. aw wow this experience would definitely have had a huge impact on me, driving is a scary thing. I still struggle to drive and i still can't park even though i've passed my test. literally i think confidence just comes with practice and time but yeah i wouldnt rush into so don't worry, you have your whole life to learn still!

    Rachel // Style Soup

    1. I always found parking in lessons soooo difficult! I guess I am still young and it's something I can come back to whenever really :)
      AD x

  3. Exactly the same happened to me Ashleigh, and it has taken me 20 years to get behind the wheel again.


    1. Oh really! This gives me hope :) Well done you for getting back behind the wheel!
      A x

  4. I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience when you were learning :( If that had happened to me it definitely would have shaken me up to the point where I would have perhaps not wanted to take another lesson for a while!

    It's a fact of life though, I guess, that we can all drive really safely but ultimately we're at the mercy of everyone else on the road! All you can do is squish your fears down into your socks and learn how to be the best and safest driver you possibly can be. That way, the whole world opens up to you! I love having a driving license because it means I can go anywhere, any time - but it does of course take a monumental amount of courage to get behind a wheel again after a bad experience. My friend was in a bad accident a couple of years ago, but she's recently bitten the bullet and got back out on the road after almost losing her life. I really admire her strength for going for it. She tells me it was the hardest thing she's ever done but she said every lesson brings her another step closer to putting that bad experience behind her and doing all the things she wants to do!


    1. Aw, this was a lovely comment Flora.. thank you!

      I will do it one day. I promise myself and you! But it's not priority for me at the moment. So happy to hear your friend is okay and pulled through the accident. And so happy too to hear she's back behind the wheel. If only we was all brave like her! AD x

  5. I never had an accident, but I remember myself having nightmares when I was attending driving lessons. I never completed my exam and I don't even regret it that much! I believe that there are people who are not meant to drive and that's ok with me! I really enjoy living in the city centre and cycling everywhere! Although we kinda have a plan of buying a country house some time in the future which might make it a bit difficult for me to commute, but I guess that's why I'm a blogger + freelancer- I can work from everywhere!

  6. p.s. LOVE your new blog design!


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