How To Ace That Job Interview


Job interviews are a scary thing. From start to finish you're begging the employer in your head to take you on whilst trying to impress them and set yourself apart from other average candidates. Even then, nothing is ever certain. You usually have to apply for a few companies, have a few interviews and knock backs before a company give you that once chance to work for them.

I've had a few interviews for job vacancies for different things over the last couple of weeks which are all for that dream job of mine; as opposed to an interview for a retail assistant position in a clothes shop. I was fortunate enough to have had my interviews in a relaxed environment with a team of bubbly and inspiring people however it was still very nerve racking considering the position I was after was for my dream job.

Here is a little instruction manual type thing to ace that job interview you're about to walk into...


- Eat a good breakfast! Mine is avocado on toast always.

- Pre-plan your journey using Google Maps. I'm a bit OCD and use the satellite option and plan my journey that way. I will then remember certain places e.g the destination is after the Starbucks on the left.

- Allow an extra 30 minutes whilst travelling there. TFL for example is never a reliable service.

- Plan your outfit the night before. It will save a mishap on the actual day!

- Wear something classy and minimalistic. I wore black and white with one splash of colour.


- Now you've reached your destination, stand and breathe for two minutes. Adjust yourself. Check lipstick isn't on your teeth. Remove chewing gum. Basic stuff.

- Walk in confidently with a smile and address who you are and who you are there to see.

- TAKE THE OFFER! I was offered a glass of water on one interview and politely declined and instantly regretted it. The next time, I said yes please to a glass of water and it instantly put my nerves at bay (well, most of them!).


- Stand up, smile, shake the employer's hand and politely address them i.e "Hello John, how are you?".

- Let them sit down first before you sit back down.


- Keep your back straight, no slouching! Keep smiling! :) :) :)

- Briefly describe who you are (as a person), what you do and your work history without boring them. i.e "I graduated University of East London last year in Photography and I've been freelancing as a menswear fashion photographer since. I've worked with a various number of clients such as xxxxxxxxx. Another hobby of mine is blogging which I have been doing for four years but full time as of the end of last year. I've interned in various fashion placements such as PR, social media and blogger outreach and am now looking for a brand new challenge".

- Slow down briefly whilst they make notes. You don't want to stress your possible future employer!

- Ask mini questions to things they are saying. It will show a real interest in what they are saying and the job role itself i.e:
Employer: "We are looking for a junior to the join the team as soon as possible". 
My response: "I am definitely interested - is there a chance to progress from a junior in the future?

- Use positive words such as 'fantastic' and 'excellent'. It shows you are a strong and positive person instead of dull and not THAT bothered if you land the role or not.

- Have your questions prepared. They WILL ask you if you have any questions and sitting there with a puzzled expression on your face with the possibility to start 'erm vomiting' will not get you anywhere. A few questions I always keep in mind for interviews are

  • Can I work my way up within the company?
  • What do you like about working here?
  • Do you have any worries about me working for your company?
  • How many people work here?

- PREPARE for the dreaded salary question. It's bound to pop up somewhere but always let the employer do this instead of throwing them the question of "How much will I earn a year?". Have a yearly price set in your mind. Really think about it and weigh up things like travel costs, child care costs etc.


- Shake the interviewer's hand and ensure them how lovely it was to meet them. i.e "Thank you for the opportunity John. It was lovely meeting you.'

- Exit positively. If another employee of the company smiles at you, smile back! You never know who it is! 

- Leave the area well behind before getting your phone out to ring your mum or friend to fill them in how your interview went. Who could be watching from the window above?

I hope those were some insightful tips into how to ace a job interview! Good luck if you have one coming up. My biggest tip of them all is to just relax, be yourself and keep smiling :)

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored but all words are my own.


  1. Well written, hopefully I won't need these for a while but when I do I'll let you know how it goes *bookmarks* x

    1. Haha, glad it's one of them posts which can help people either now or in the future! :)


  2. Lots of useful hints and tips - positivity and appearance are definitely important.


  3. I hate interviews and have been to a few recently too! Scary times! Hope you get the one you want :)
    Caroline x

    1. Thanks Caroline. Hope your interview's went okay!


  4. Anonymous23/4/15

    This is really useful! Great post!

    Serena /

  5. I think asking questions is a big one! Engaging with them as much as possible! X

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  6. Hi Ashleigh I have just come across your lovely blog.

    This is such a good post… thank for sharing! :-)

    Hayley xxx

  7. Book marking this for later. It is so down to earth and SO helpful. Little tips that make all the difference! Thanks so much for posting.


  8. Great tips, I'm finishing uni this year so will definitely be referring to this in the near future! x


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