'Go Freestyle' With Lurpak Lunch Challenge!


I was challenged by Lurpak to Go Freestyle and switch up my lunch choice for something a little different. A study found that the majority of us buy or make the same lunch every single day. That's around a staggering 233 of the same lunch a year! Boring, right?

I've been eating clean for a couple of weeks now so haven't been eating as much bread as I usually would. I've been swapping jam on toast for healthier cereals for breakfast such as granola, and healthy, fresh salads instead of sandwiches on white bread for lunch.

This got me thinking... How could I create a new kind of lunch for myself using Lurpak butter* WHILST keeping things healthy?

I went to the supermarket to look at possible ingredients and ended up coming home with Lurpak butter* tuna, an avocado (or 4), feta cheese and spinach. I eat spinach and avocado pretty much every day but usually with chicken for a bit of protein so decided to switch things up and avoid my usual lunch by swapping chicken for tuna; whilst also picking up some wholemeal rolls rather than bread.

I added a little bit of light mayo to the tuna so it wasn't too dry with some pepper for a little flavour. Then it was time to lightly butter the rolls and prep the avocado. Yum! I also chopped up a few cubes of feta cheese which is one of my favourite (slightly naughtier) things in salads.

I then added some spinach (an even bigger YUM) - and some lemon and pepper salad dressing for a little flavour for the leaves.

Ta-da! So, this week I faced a challenge to switch my lunch up and I really enjoyed putting a little more effort into it. I'm now thinking of other possible recipes to pop into a roll or a sandwich for lunch. I think I might try something with spicy chicken next time!

What would you put into your sandwich/roll to make it a little different? Would love to hear your ideas below!
*Disclaimer: Some of these ingredients were paid for using a gifted voucher for me to take part in the challenge! :)


  1. I love chillis and olives so I'd have added either some black olives or some jalopenos. Lovely!

    1. Oooooh jalapeƱos sounds goooood! For a little kick :)


  2. Crunchy red pepper in this would be awesome as well I think! :D

    I tend to have the same lunch every day for several weeks, and then swap it around once I start to get bored. Variety is all well and good, but thinking up new lunches every day is EFFORT! xxx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. I am not big on lurpak butter or butter in general but I do love me some avocados. I could them all day long, talking about having same lunch all the time I think I change them up more weekly than daily since I make my own instead of buying.

  4. Yum yum I do love avocado! I've been loving the warburtons thins recently, feel like I get some bread fix but don't feel bad about it. I actually never seem to have the same lunch.. I'm always so indecisive!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte


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