Sunday-gram #5


Week 5 of this returning feature. Are we liking it or are we not too bothered? Reading your feedback in the comments really helps me to determine what you like reading on on my blog, so do let me know :-) 

So, let's take a look at what I've got up to this week!
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1  Me and my mum went along to the Natural History Museum this week. It's super, duper lovely spending time with her and we often find ourselves adventuring in unknown areas in London which are new to us. We got some chocolate for the train home so naturally, I chose a Reese's bar which was naughty but nice! If you missed Monday's post on our day out together, be sure to check it out here.

 I finally got my little paws on James Bay's album Chaos And The Calm this week. I actually sadly set alarms and reminders about its release date and then found myself heading straight into town on the 23rd to pick it up. It's fast become my most listened to album at the moment but I don't see myself getting sick of it any time soon. Look out for my post on it it in more detail next week!

 I have done an awful lot of cooking this week for the family including a lasagne and spicy chicken with rice. I find cooking quite fun as it doesn't just allow me to cook yummy food but I also  find it's a way to leave my work and office and focus on something else for the evening. Is this a sign of getting old?

 On Friday night, I travelled into the city to meet a gentleman for a glass of rosé (or a beer in an extremely tall glass if you're this gentleman), which was super lovely. The place we was at over-looked the O2 arena and the Thames and was quite stunning infact. I love finding cool, new places! - Anyway, so I decided to wear my new printed silk blazer (not quite a blazer but not quite a cardigan either - gawd knows what you call it), white Topshop Joni jeans and my favourite pointed flats, ever; with a classic black clutch and Topshop's lip bullet in On The Town; a purple toned baby pink matte lip crayon. 

Yesterday, I reached 800,000 page views which is beyond amazing. I don't say it very often but I honestly appreciate every single person who has followed this blog for almost four years. Whether you've read my rambles, commented on posts, tweeted or emailed me; it honestly means the world to me. I put so much into this blog and despite everything (the hiatus I had when my domain changed names and the lack of inspiration for posts a while back), you lot have stuck around and not got bored so for that, I thank you! Yes, YOU!

 So, today the clocks have gone forward an hour which means we all lose an hour's sleep BUT it means Summer is fast approaching and I can't wait! I am bored of wearing trousers, jeans and layering (I know - I didn't think I would say that either). I'm longing to whip my legs and playsuits out!

Hope you are all having a good weekend? Mine's 50/50. Half was spent yesterday just catching up with work stuff and spooning the cat (he loves it okay..) and today I should (I type this at 3am), be back in London on a new adventure.. maybe.... possibly. More on that next week! *winks*


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    1. Thank you honey! Hope your birthday was the best! XX


  2. Lovely photos, I love your roshe runs outfit :) Congrats on the 800,000 page views sweetie :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  3. Your cat is so adorable! You're too pretty it isn't fair.
    Jennifer's Journal x

    1. Haha, he is an utter cutie! & thank you - that's really sweet :)


  4. Awh, you're very welcome Diana :)



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