Apple Skins by Wrappz


A little while ago, I tried out a 'skin' for my Macbook which is pretty much just a sticker. Wrappz provide customised phone cases and skins, laptop skins and even customised cushions and mugs! I chose a picture of me that a friend took for an outfit post and I just added some text to it which you can add when you upload your artwork to the website. The quality of the skin is really thick and it was very easy to apply to my Macbook without air bubbles and such. It definitely grabs attention from people too!

I also got myself a skin for my iPhone. I generally prefer the look of my iPhone without a case (who doesn't) so I have that option whilst still jazzing the back of it up. I found an illustrated piece of artwork with one of my favourite quotes from Harry Potter on Pinterest, uploaded it and selected my phone and then a few days later, both skins arrived. 

Wrappz have been kind enough to offer all Being Ashleigh readers a free phone skin. All you have to do is pay postage which is £2.50 to the UK, £3.25 to Europe and £3.50 to the rest of the world. Just upload your art work and enter the code freeskin at the checkout to claim yours!

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  1. Ooh, great offer from them. I have just ordered a skin for my new Macbook (from elsewhere) and I'm hoping that application is easy.

  2. These are so cute! Great present idea! x


  3. gonna check those Wrappz out.
    A Beautiful Zen


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