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I'm not a big halloween person at all but I'm actually going to a little party this weekend for the first time since... forever?! I don't want to paint my face white or anything like that so I think I shall simply go as Morticia Addams. These simple lace dresses from New Look are perfect for Halloween as you can always wear them again.. for anything! I absolutely love the tight pencil like fit of the first dress but love the choker neck detailing of the other dress... very Addams like if you ask me!

What with the festive period fast upon us, I haven't been shopping in ages but New Look's range of dresses are really tempting me. After all, I do need a nice sparkly dress for Christmas Day. Excuses, 'ay?

What is everyone doing tonight? We haven't even got a pumpkin this year :( sob. Have a fab Halloween :)

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