Indian Elephants


h&m jumper
asos boots* (sold out)
asos watch*

Bit of a late post today but never mind! I'm wearing one of my all time favourite dresses today. I won a voucher quite a while ago and had been eyeing the dress up for ages so it was a good excuse to finally buy it! I also splurged on the boots which are so warm so they will definitely be my 'go to winter boots'. They've sold out now but I have another brand new pair size 6 if anyone's interested in buying them!

Had a tough start to the week but taking a break away from everything really does put the perspective into problems. Today I popped into London originally to go to Fashion Fest at the V&A Museum (#fashfest2013), but sooo many people went so there was no chance of me getting in! Instead, I did a bit of shopping and finally got a few jumpers for Paris in three weeks! Also went to the Photographers' Gallery. I haven't actually been there since they did some refurbishment agessss ago. It was really good though. Not sure on any of the photographer's names but a lot of the work was about fertility. Some really touching stuff.

me & my sister :)

 Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
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- A XO

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  1. That dress is so beautiful on you Ashleigh! Xx

  2. That dress is so lovely! Sorry to hear you've had a tough start to the week, keep your chin up. I can see you going far.

    Lindsey. x

    1. Thanks Lindsey. I'll be ok.. Everything's always alright in the end after some time! Lots of love x

  3. I love how your dress matches your hair perfectly, gorgeous!

    Tweet Tweet x

  4. loving the patterns on the dress! shame my size is sold out. boots is lush too!

    the exhibition sounds intrigued so definitely visiting soon!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  5. I love your dress, Ashleigh! So gorgeous, I really love the print because..elephants! Haha, yes, I do get excited very easily. But in all seriousness, the colours look fantastic on you!

    I hope your week has got better! :)

    ~Hannah xx

  6. Yes I have this dress too! Its rather amazing and those boots are perfection!


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