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The shoes are Alexander McQueen but o-m-g they're so lovely so I better start saving for the shoe fund! The iPhone case is by Lanvin at Harvey Nichols and I love it! Anything illustrated immediately catches my attention. I have a bit of an addiction to anything polka dot. I'd say about 40% of my wardrobe is polka dot... ooops. This little cropped shirt will look lovely this spring with some little flats and sunglasses. Last but not least, I am looking at buying some running trainers. I do want to take up jogging but I have wanted either nike roshe runs or nike free runs for way over a year now so it's time to buy a pair. I'm loving this bright pink pair!

What are you lusting over at the moment?

XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. I love anything illustrated too. The case is cute!

    Danielle xx
    Danielleyc | UK Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

  2. Oh my god, those shoes are insanely nice! xo

  3. I've seen that Lanvin case before, it's so quite and quirky!

  4. Im trying to decide on some new running shoes too and keep looking at Nikes! Love the McQs too!

  5. As a fellow polka dot advocate, I support you in buying this shirt. It is amazing and will be lovely worn exactly how your described above!

  6. All the picks are fabulous.. You should snatch it up.. Great choice in latest fashion clothes.... :)

  7. This what we call fashion perfection..! Amazing outfits.. Awesome pairs of designer footwear.. Simply fabulous..! :)


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