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Last Wednesday (10th April) saw the long awaited Ax Paris event; celebrating the launch of the new tv advert which was launched on TV on Sunday.

I was umm'ing and ahh'ing all week whether to go or not. I've had invites to parties and press days for about a year now but have always had this fear that had refrained me from stepping out of my front door and onto the tube. I used to be a lot worse but since starting Uni I've got more confidence talking to new people. However, I still suffer from anxiety and I worry about everything. But! And there's a big but ladies (and gentlemen)...... I pushed myself, got ready and walked out the door and onto the tube. I did it!!! *Ticks 'first blog event' off the list*

I met a few blogger girls in Covent Garden and then we headed to The Diner for some food. I got sweet potato fries and a vanilla milkshake. We then headed to Circus which is where the event was held. It's a bar in Covent Garden which is around the back of Rokit with a big bouncer on the door.!

all the above photos are mine. 

The night was really good all in all! We were provided with a zillion cocktails, canap├ęs and a fun photobooth!  Circus provided some live entertainment which I was most excited for. We was in for a treat as there was fire eaters and acrobats put together with sexy dance moves and a very yummy man... who poked his tongue out at my camera! Watch the video for proof! (5:06)


I am so glad I decided to go and I'm so proud of myself for not chickening out. It was so lovely to finally meet Ella Masters who I have wanted to meet for absolutely ages and Lauren who was my very first blog design customer! I also finally met Robyn whose blog I have read for ages and is just a total babe. And everyone else (keeping my fingers and toes crossed I haven't missed anyone out).. JennieSaraTasha and Hayley :-)

XO love, Ashleigh x
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