easter weekend


 As I mentioned last week, I am a little bored of Instagram but I've been using other Apps on my iPhone to photograph bits and bobs. I'm going to do a feature at the end of every month where I blog my favourite "phone" pictures I have taken during that month. Much more exciting!

So today is Easter Sunday! I hope you're all having a brilliant long bank holiday weekend. I've been catching up with errands like washing my makeup brushes, sorting out e-mails and organised my uni work a little better. I feel like two weeks off for Easter is a bit too long but I'm not complaining either way! Unfortunately, I don't have a shop bought Easter egg this year as all the supermarkets were sold out! But my beautiful boyfriend made me one using moulds and melted kinder chocolate. He even put Percy Pig jelly sweets inside, and we all know I love them!

I am hoping to finish all my current blog design orders over the next two weeks, so if you are interested in getting your blog designed, I am open to accepting more orders. Just send me an e-mail :-)

Enjoy all your chocolate and eat lots!

XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. Its so sweet that he made you an easter egg, aw :) xxx

  2. Love core ice cream!


  3. That's the cutest thing that he made you an easter egg since they were sold out! : )


  4. Your drinking and eating such lovely things, really want to run out and buy a malteaser milkshake now, never tried it... and i LOVE malteasers!

  5. Ah your boyfriend's a cutie!

    Rosie x

  6. How bloody good is that ice cream? I really need to get me another tub.


  7. Looking forward to hearing about the other photography apps! Happy easter :)


  8. omg i need to try that Malteser drink! AND peanut butter ben and jerrys.. how did i not know these existed ????


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