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It's just over seven weeks away yet, but it has been crossing my mind what to wear/where to go/what to do for mine and Andrew's "6 months together" celebrations; which is why I have chosen the 6-9pm slot! Although maybe (probably) considered a little silly; I look at the fact it's half a year together and he's miraculously put up with me for that long! (Vice versa if you're reading this A!)

We've already decided we're going to have a slap up meal in a fancy restaurant where the champagne costs more than the desserts (good job neither of us drink it!) and some drinks in a bar afterwards; which got me thinking. I still haven't round to blogging about our wonderful evening at a bar/restaurant in Holborn last month. Full review below if you're interested :-)

Red is my favourite colour and so it just makes sense for me to wear my favourite colour for a such a positive celebration. Plus they say red makes a man happy, right? I LOVE the shoes! It shames me to say this but I don't own any heels, let alone nude ones. I have heeled boots and flatforms for nights out and that's literally it. I feel like this whole outfit will really emphasise my girly side and possibly wow Andrew? Although I am aiming to avoid this:

Me: *TA-DARRR!* - So, do you like my dress? 
Andrew: Yeah, it's..nice


So yes, this is my entry! I would wear this outfit, go to a really nice restaurant with good service and excellent food and then onto my favourite bar; All Star Lanes for cocktails, bowling and dancing until the early hours!

Review of All Star Lanes:

 About a month ago, me and Andrew was around Holborn after LFW and fancied a drink. Putting my epic Google searching to the test; I found the most amazing bar/restaurant/bowling alley called All Star Lanes. It was a little nerve-racking when we found it, as it's hidden away down some stairs and so is pretty much under ground! The security guards looked at us a little weird and it was at this point I was beginning to wonder whether we was entering a pole dancing club or something. They were friendly giants however and after a quick check of our ID's; one opened the door and we was inside a whole other world.

As this was around the time Valentines day was approaching (read what me and Andrew did for V-day here), the whole place was roaring with couples laughing and playing bowling! Looking a little lost and amazed, a lovely girl approached us and asked us if we would like a table for a meal. We had already eaten so she directed us to the bar area which was really spacious, open planned and had a lot of comfy sofas to sit on. We went over to the bar, looked at the drinks and menu and was very spoilt for choice! Being the big kids that we are, we opted for milkshakes first; an oreo one for me and a reese's peanut butter one for Andrew. I can honestly say, it was the best milkshake I have ever had in my entire life.

We then moved onto naughty cocktails. I chose the "All Star Swizzle" (barcardi rum, velvet falernum, blue curacao, fresh lime with crushed ice) and Andrew chose the (better than mine) "Louisiana Southern Jam" (southern comfort, apricot jam, apricot liqueur, fresh lemon and  mint); which was weird as the consistency of the jam was actually like JAM!

The rest of the night was followed by a guy decorating the lounge/bar area with things that looked like chinese lanterns. He put bowls of retro love heart sweets on every table; making sure to sprinkle the tables with glittery love heart confetti too. I guessed it was some sort of theme night and boy, was I right! By 8pm, the bar/lounge area was rocking. Groups of friends arrived dressed up to fit in with the retro 50s feel of the whole bar and love songs from the 50's-60's were played for the rest of the evening. Loads of people were dancing and I felt like I had time travelled to my favourite era. I really recommend this place if you're in the area! There are also another three venues dotted around in London. It was a fab night and I can't wait to go back again!

Victoria House, Bloomsbury Place, London, WC18 4DA
Telephone: 0207-025-2676
XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. haah that made me laugh, boys are always like yeah its nice..
    no enthusiasm WHAT SO EVER eh, I wish me and my boy did something for our year together but no...
    we are so unromantic haha. Hope you have a lovely time :) xx

  2. I have been there and totally love it there!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  3. Hi, I found your blog post when googling for photos of ASL Holborn. I love your post and the funny thing is the chap who was setting up the tables is my husband, Christian. You may recognise some of the decorations from here ;) The night is called Shake, Rattle & Bowl ( So glad you had a super time and we'd love to welcome you back anytime! x x

    1. Hey! so lovely to hear from you! The decorations were super cool :) I will let you know when I am due to return again! ;)
      Ashleigh x


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