see ya later twenty twelve


2012 for me has been the worst year, but it's got better towards the end. It's had constant ups and downs; tears, heartbreaks, wrong decisions, deaths and bad news. On a more positive note, I've accomplished a lot of things that I wanted to do. I've made new friendships, donated clothes to charity and started learning to drive. I got top marks at the end of college this summer and got into University. My blog was a year old in August, I've become very close with a friend Nicole and from her, I've met my current group of friends. I got back "out there" and enjoyed almost a year of being "on my own" going on a few unsuccessful dates with guys. I went to Cyprus this year for a family holiday which was beautiful, came back to see I had won tickets to a Jessie J gig and then went Italy for my half-brother's wedding. Finally, ending 2012 on a positive note, I'm in a new relationship which is so different and I'm a lot happier than I've ever been. Crazy!

I thought I would pick out all my favourite photos from the past year and put them together. Goodbye 2012!

LEFT TO RIGHT: family meal · mother's day (me, my sister and my auntie) · london zoo 
· fashion shoot · first big ASHLLYD giveaway · the day I bought AA disco pants · sister's 16th fancy dress party · mum's 40th meal · me + my sister · jessie j gig · overall college marks · sister's prom · family holiday to cyprus · jessie j excitement with my mum · we adopted a rabbit! · italy · brother's wedding in italy · hanging out in camden · cute night in with my friends · new boyfriend! · night out with friends · my little cousin came to stay · firework night · me and andrew made a cake · gig with friends · oxford street christmas lights · chillin' · winter wonderland 
 If you've done a similar post to this, please link me below! I would love to read up on your year. On an ending note, I hope you all have a lovely, happy and healthy new year. Here's to 2013... bring it on! Tomorrow I'll be sharing my '21 things before 21' list! :)

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  1. so happy it all worked out for you in the end, like a fairytale <3 happy new year gorgeous lady. Love the look of the blog, too xx

  2. You've had an up and down year but you seem to have had a lovely end to 2012! I've done a round up of my year - and I've included you in my favourite blogs of the year! Excited for another year of reading your blog! xxx

  3. Happy New Year!!! (again) You have such beautiful friends...

  4. Anonymous1/1/13

    aww love this post! Happy New Year Ashleigh xx

  5. I hope 2013 will be a better year for you! Happy New Year girl

    The Young Bridget Jones

  6. You got to see Jessie J!! I love that woman<3 Happy new year and I'm a new follower~

  7. Here's to a fab 2013 :)! Your grades were bloody amazing! Well done Ashleigh!

    Robyn Mayday

  8. Anonymous2/1/13

    Amazingly fun photos and I have to say, I love those red shoes! x

  9. Hope your 2013 is better than 2012 :). I'm your new follower, loving it already. xxx


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