what ashleigh did: 15th - 21st october


Wednesday's Outfit (top is from the topshop sale) · Bought a pleather sleeved baseball jacket (forever 21 men's) · Skull necklace (topshop sale) · Me and Bardha on a negative · Outfit for Thursday night · Opticians appointment
 001: Done a bit of shopping this week. Topshop's mid-season sale at the moment is fab! Picked up this lovely peplum black top for just £5 which looks perfect paired with AA disco pants. I'm not really a fan of peplum tops, but I seem to have acquired two in my wardrobe so I think they are secretly a guilty pleasure? I also picked up a gorgeous black sheer top with loads of sequins and beads on the top. It looked like something you would find in a charity shop but in a nice way? Unfortuately, I wasn't too keen on it once I tried it on at home so returned it!

002: Went to Westfield (Stratford) this week for a little shopping and cinema trip with a friend from work. Picked up this really lovely baseball jacket from the men's section in Forever 21 for just £30 in the sale. Can you tell I love sales yet? We saw Ruby Sparks which is an AMAZING film. It has quite a slow start and takes a while to kick in, but if you like dry humour, you'll enjoy it. I've persuaded my mum to go see it with my sister tomorrow. I'm already so excited for it to come out on DVD!

003: Also caught up with friends of mine on Thursday and went out for some drinks and a good old dance. Up bright and early the next day for opticians. I AM GETTING CONTACT LENSES! Hopefully. I had a lesson on how to put them in and take them out and it didn't go very well. Any tips would be very much appreciated!

004: Other than that, I have worked ALL weekend, boo!

Well done to Katrina Day-Reilly for winning my Dark Shadows Blu-ray giveaway! I have emailed you! I have another giveaway lined up for you lot soon! And pssssst, I'm almost at 900 GFC followers... lalala amazing!

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  1. Love the peplum top. I just can't bring myself to brave topshop sales haha

  2. I got contacts when I was 16 and it literally changed my life so I hope it goes well for you too!

  3. Anonymous22/10/12

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  4. I always think about your extension its really fabulous and the pics you shared is so nice. Looking forward for your next post.

  5. great post :)

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  6. love the peplum top, and good look on trying to use your contact lenses ;) xx

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  7. I have that top with the skull on the back, it's so comfy!

  8. I love your clothes! I wear contact lenses, it's a bit hard to start off with, but you get you touching your eye haha and it becomes easy! start with one day ones first just incase they get uncomfortable!

    could you check out my blog?

  9. Peplum tops are so handy to throw on and feel dressed up. I wasn't a fan either until recently. Loving your blog layout by the way, fabbb x


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