Giveaway! Win Dark Shadows on Blueray (CLOSED)


Warner Bros. Pictures is proud to announce the release of Dark Shadows on DVD and Blu-Ray October 15th 2012; along with the Dark Shadows Blog App

From the incredible mind of Tim Burton comes the hit film Dark Shadows, based on the classic US television series!  Barnabas Collins has been trapped for two centuries by an evil witch (Eva Green) who just happens to be an ex lover.  Barnabas now has to struggle with the ever changing 1970s and save his family’s business!  With an all star cast that includes Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jonny Lee Miller and more, Dark Shadows will be sure to whet your appetite for fun.

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DISCLAIMER: I am working with Warner Bros to bring ASHLLYD readers this prize. I have not been forced to giveaway a Dark Shadows Blue Ray movie, it's entirely down to my digression. This giveaway is open to UK residents only with a full address (no PO boxes allowed). You must be over 16 or with parental permission to enter. You must be a follow of my blog via GFC (Google Friend Connect). You can enter through the Rafflecopter form above. You must leave a comment on THIS blog post telling me one film I should see before I die. The giveaway is open for one week only. The prize itself will be sent from Warner Bros directly to the winner.
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  1. I recently went to see 'The perks of being a wallflower' it was amazing - I totally recommend it! GFC: StephanieNadine

  2. I could name thousands of films to see before you die, in particular: fight club, beetlejuice, labyrinth, back to the future trilogy, the ummy trilogy (first two are the best), se7en and titani! Oh, and Harry potter obviously.

  3. I think my main ones are Back to the Future, Lost Boys, Bill and Ted, Shawshank Redemption, The Truman Show... I could go on! [:
    abbi xx

  4. You should watch Dead Poet's Society- it's really inspirational& robin williams is brilliant. evespikey[at]
    -Eve Maria

  5. You should watch Napoleon Dynamite!
    Sam Hutchinson - :-)

  6. My favourite film of all time, Stand By Me :D recommend it to anyone!

  7. Sandy Ferguson16/10/12

    Drive - ah-maz-ing film!
    Sandy Ferguson

  8. katrina day-reilly

    gone in 60 seconds

  9. If you haven't Alfred Hitchcocks 'The Birds' is one of my favourites!

    Amanda xo

  10. American Beauty

    groogruxking40 at gmail dot com

  11. I think you should watch atonement, even if it i sjust to drool at the stunning green dress in it!

    1. I have that on dvd but haven't got round to watching it!

  12. Moulin rouge!! Best movie. EVER.

  13. Everyone should watch Pulp Fiction before they die! ;)


  14. Man I loved this film at cinema! It's so good, especially the characters their all amazing with great casting :) I love ton's of films, mainly the LOTR films, girl interrupted and pulp fiction. I do love my JD films too My email is :) xo

  15. gone in 60 seconds,all the harry potter ones,black swan and hunger games to name a few x

  16. This DVD is on my "to watch" list so this is a fab comp haha! love love love Tim Burton movies & Johnny Depp is pretty swish

    films to watch
    -The Hunger Games (I'm a bit obsessed with this trilogy atm)
    -21 Jump Street (lololol)
    -Just Go With It
    seriously there are so many, but these are what I've watch this week lol


  17. Defiantly 'Shawshank Redemption' or 'Green mile' both broke my heart, but were such great films :-) xo

  18. I'd have to go with 21 Jump Street I never cry at films and I cried hysterically at it! Or if I was going to die tomorrow I'd want to watch classic like Titanic

  19. We recently watched ParaNorman and if you like the darker cartoons like I do then I would say it's a must see :) GFC: Stephanie

  20. Toy story 3! it's an emotional rollercoaster ;-)

    Tiffany Oconnell


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