ASHLLYD travels: Part 1/6


I am back from holiday! I got back on the 1st and I think it was personally the best holiday I've ever been on! I have so much to show you so this is going to be a little series which I will add to everyday!

3am on Wednesday 18th July, saw me my mum, dad and sister on a tiring car journey to Gatwick airport; about an hour and a bit from where I live. We're quite lucky as we go on a summer vacation every year and have always travelled for as long as I can remember!

Boarding a three hour and forty five minute plane journey, we finally arrived midday (around 11am in the UK) in a little town called Paphos (at least that's how the English spell it, it's actually spelt Pafos!) in Cyprus; a little island east of Greece and south of Turkey. Getting off the plane, the heat immediately hit us all. I stupidly wore THREE jackets; definitely the silliest of silly ideas. Outside of Pafos airport, we had to wait for our travel to our hotel. We got a little (and when I say little, it was hilariously little) coach ride with a trailer at the back that held our suitcases.

We then arrived at our hotel; The Cynthiana Beach Hotel. Me and my Sister, Louise, were pleasantly surprised to see my Dad had booked us to have our very own apartment. We were room 26, whilst my parents were room 25. We also had premium rooms; with a stunning beach view. We had a Juliet balcony that overlooked the lagoon part of the beach (quite literally the most beautiful sea water to swim in!) and another balcony to sit out on.  The sun set every night at around 7pm which we all sat out around the pool every evening to watch, before getting ready for a meal every night around 9pm (not something we usually do back home!). 

More to come tomorrow! Thank you so much for my "first blog birthday" comments and your other comments on the posts I scheduled whilst I was on holiday. It was a lovely thing to arrive back home to! I am also really estatic that I won Jen's blog giveaway. I am going to a Jessie J gig tomorrow evening, eek!

How have you all been? Anyone jetting off somewhere hot this year?
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  1. I'm so jealous! Those sunsets are gorgeous! I'm off to America in 2 weeks and I can't wait! :) xx

  2. Beautiful pictures!
    I'm going to Greece tomorrow and I'm so excited :)

  3. These photographs are stunning! I'm really gutted that I didn't book a summer holiday this year but I definitely will for next year (:

  4. Beautiful photos. Paphos is beautiful!

  5. Looks like a gorgeous place! I haven't been on holiday for 5 years and definitely feel the need for a get-a-way now! xo

  6. Such beautiful photos, I used to live in paphos for a short while and from what i remember it was always gorgeous x

  7. Wow, your holiday looked so perfect, I love Paphos it's a really lovely place! xx

  8. Anonymous3/8/12

    Glad you had a wonderful time! So so jealous of you though, it looks perfect! I'm loving all the pictures, i can't wait to see part two. :-)

    rachelpan xo

  9. Gorgeous photos! Especially the sunset ones. I went to Cyprus in June [I went to Protaras], and absolutely loved it! It's a beautiful place. xx

  10. Breathtaking views, lovely pictures. Fantastic blog :)

  11. Anonymous5/8/12

    Oh gosh, those pictures are absolutely beautiful. The view looks incredible!
    I'm glad you had a great holiday. It looks amazing! :)
    - Rhiannon


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