five tips #4: Going on a date


A couple of weeks ago saw me going on my first proper date. When I say proper, this means I went for a meal. Stereotypically, I think a proper date involves a meal. Although I feel very awkward so prefer doing something else. Remember when I went to the zoo on a date a while back? That was my favourite! I gathered a lot of people are in the same boat as I was i.e what do i wear, where should we go, should we kiss etc. Well, here's my five tips to a first real date.

You may remember me tweeting whether I should wear red lipstick or not. Red lipstick is my statement and everyone knows me for it. I have worn it near enough every single day for the past three years and have never looked back. It's got to the point where I look DEAD without it and slightly uncomfortable and not as confident. Your tweeted replies were 50/50. A mixture of you said yes to wearing it as it was a part of 'me', and the other half said no as it was 'too much' and I should wear something natural. I wore my classic red lip and I felt happy with my decision to truly be myself.

I had no idea what to wear either. I was debating on wearing my disco pants after asking fellow bloggers for a bit of advice. Again, a mixture of replies. Some said yes as they are great for showing off a figure and some said no as they are too 'tight' for a first date. Being in such a pickle, I resulted to shopping. I bought a really pretty coral lace dress with a peter-pan collar and some black flatform shoes (both featured in my week in photos here). I'm not at all girly and didn't want my date to think I was, as the image of me he would be seeing wouldn't exactly be 'me'.. if that makes any sense?! Either way, it rained that day, so I wore disco pants and a blouse with my Topshop studded vectras. I felt comfortable with how I was dressed all day and don't regret the outfit I chose.

2) "I'll pay!"
A typical date that goes well consists of letting the guy pay (stereotypically). I mean, this is all personal preference and it's all down to the girl. Personally, I was brought up to pay my own debts, just out of common courtesy. Even though my date offered, I still paid for my meal and drinks. I felt content and less awkward and it can definitely never be thrown in my face!

3) Don't expect too much:
Getting my hopes up is something I always do. It's rare that a first date will lead to a relationship that lasts forever. You have to go through a lot of bad dates to find the perfect one. This is something I need to remember! A good date will lead to a second date and maybe even a third!

4) Prepare for awkward silences:
This is something I was definitely afraid of. I don't think it really happened but I prepared for it by thinking of ice-breaker questions.

5) The next day/kiss goodnight:
I don't think there is any right or wrong answer to the question 'should i call/text him first?'. However, I HATE feeling like I'm being ignored so after my date, I text first. I got a reply which was good. If you don't hear from the guy/girl again then don't worry about it too much. You may feel a little down at first but the feeling of rejection will soon go away, when you realise you was far too good for them anyway!
As for a kiss goodnight, I don't think there's anything wrong with it but I do think if it's to happen, then the guy should start it off; true gentleman style.

If you're heading on any dates soon, then good luck! Just be yourself and you will be fine :)
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This is a scheduled post as I am currently on holiday until the 1st August. Thank you for any comments. I will reply to everything, including my emails when I am back. Until then! ^_^ A x


  1. Awkward silences are my biggest fear. What icebreaker questions did you prepare?

    1. Just don't think about the silence and there won't be any. I prepared cheesy ones, ideally ones with a complex answer. I remember one was "If you won a million pound, what would you do with it?". Things like that :)

  2. Anonymous27/7/12

    You're very brave going on a date! haha.
    I've never been on one before, really. I mean, I've never just spontaneously met somebody, then organised a date before really getting to know him. I've always just had "boyfriend dates" if that makes any sense.
    I really want to though! I think it'd be fun, and a challenge for me because I'm such a shy person. :)
    - Rhiannon

    1. I was set up by a family member.. otherwise I wouldn't have the guts to spontaneously meet a stranger.. so I know what you mean! It's pretty fun :) x


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