My Week in photos 20.02.12 - 25.02.12


Starbucks hour with Iddy · Lunch time readings · Mounted my photography work myself! · DaisyStreet sent me a present (review coming soon!) · Black shoe dilemma · Wednesday's face · My six exhibition prints on display · Belated Wednesday pancake day (sugar, lemon & syrup to be precise!) · Mini Ben & Jerry's · USA print leggings! (review coming soon!) · Sister's prom dress for the Summer! · Relevant tumblr picture.

Had another really easy week. Surely there must be one of you who reads these weekly posts of mine and thinks I'm a lazy person who just posts pictures of food! I promise I am not.  I'm usually really busy!

I exhibited at my second photography exhibition on Wednesday 22nd with my college class. The title was 'Community in Art'. You may remember me posting the test digital photographs here. I also designed the poster advertising the exhibition and blogged about it also here. That was a part of my graphics side of the assignment which I am glad is over!
I mounted my own work which wasn't recommended but I felt if my images were framed, it would defeat the whole purpose of the meaning behind my work. I bought A3 3mm foam board from eBay and planned to stick the images to the foam board using double sided tape, however it was too thick so I needed a plan b. I went to Hobbycraft before meeting up with my friend Iddy for a cheeky Starbucks (caramel milk based frappichino, you so good!) and got told they can't sell me a can of Hobbycraft's own spray mount because I am under 21. You can imagine how much I was stressing. Two days till my exhibition opening night (it ran for three days)... and no where near close to displaying any work. Well, I bet you're wondering what I did? I begged a little old lady (thank you so much!) to buy it for me if I gave her the cash. She agreed and the cashier even had to hand the woman the change to give to me. Job's worth, eh?

The exhibition itself went really well and quite a lot of people turned up. I wasn't around to see if the other two days were as successful but I'm really proud of my college class. We all mucked in together and organised a whole exhibition with a lot of stress and the odd dilemma here and there! Well done dawgs(!)

In other news...

· My second driving lesson went really well. I have them every Monday and I can't wait for my next one. I actually drove the car properly and so far haven't stalled. I find it so fun and I can't wait to buy a car!

· I bought Reveal magazine for the first time in ages and it's reminded me why I never buy gossip magazines anymore. They're rubbish. Elle and Company <3

· How cool are my new leggings? I found them via another blogger. All will be revealed soon! 

· As for the tumblr picture. I always get commented on, especially in work, that I have an expressionless face. I read a blog post on this ages ago and for the life of me cannot remember who's blog it was but it was SO relevant. It's impossible for my facial muscles around my mouth area to remain raised for a whole 8/9/10 hour shift. If you smile at me, I smile back. If you look at me, I smile. I really don't see the problem, but hey-ho!

5 blogs I like this week:
5 things not mentioned that I have done this week:
  • Finished The Secret Circle series and waiting for the last episode in the season to upload!
  • Watched 'The Break-Up' and laughed and cried.
  • Took advantage of the weekend Papa Johns deal: Buy one get one free on pizzas plus two free mini Ben & Jerrys.
  • Sorted out all of my emails!
  • Got tweeted by Yvan Rodic (fashion photographer)


  1. Love those shoes!!

  2. Great post, I love claudia's blog too.... And yours obvs. Xc

  3. Omg those leggings!!

    1. Haha <3 nice to see you've joined Blogger Danni!

  4. thanks for the mention sweetie! all those pics are great you look like you hada great week! x

  5. Those shoes from daisystreet look insaneeeee! Cannot wait to see you blog about them you little cutie.
    Amazing trousers too!x

  6. Can't believe I've only just fund your blog, I love it! Free ben and jerrys with papa johns...why did I not know this sooner! Those leggings are so amazing.


  7. Thank you so much for the mention :) I really like your blog too, I just discovered it :).

    I agree with celebrity gossip magazines being rubbish, I usually gravitate towards Company/Cosmopolitan and Glamour and never buy Reveal or OK etc unless I'm terribly bored and I've already bought the month's issues of my favourite magazines. Well done on doing well during your driving test :)! xx

  8. Ahh thank you for including my blog :) love your leggings!
    Claudia xxx

  9. No black shoe dilemma anymore, wear the creepers! They are the most beautiful shoes, and I really love the flat bird shoes - can't wait for the review (:

  10. i love all of the shoes in this post!

  11. Thank you for the mention, beautiful lady! Those leggings are great! You really do have a knack for finding the best leggings! Oh my, I can totally relate to the chronic bitchface thing. People are always telling me to cheer up and I'm like "I'm actually quite happy! I just have a naturally miserable face" D:

    Leigh xx

  12. Awh thankyou for the mention lovely!!


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