Happy 40th Martina!


It was my Godmother's 40th birthday party on the 19th and I was meant to take loads of pictures for her. However, I knew nobody and I have never really photographed any kind of event before other than a wedding so I was super nervous and only took a few! 

I wore my black lace playsuit from River Island.. the expensive one that I can't believe I paid for but I fell in love with the pleather peter pan collar and just had to have it! I also wore cosy tights (best invention ever, right?) and my Daisystreet chloe boots.

The top picture is my Sister. We was messing about with my camera for half the night and that picture's a little random but I like it!


  1. lovely post :) seems like you had a great time. and the playsuit is just adorable. i bought also a blazer (not a long time ago) from river island and it's so expensive -.- but it caught my eye and i just wanted it so badly xD
    you and your sister are so pretty :)


  2. Love the playsuit. Sometimes it's good to splurge especially if you fall in love with something!


  3. Lovely post! From what I can see you and your sister look beautiful

  4. The playsuit looks lovely :)
    The top photo is kinda cool of your sister.
    What a shame that you didn't take many photos, I hope you still managed to get some for her. I can only imagine wedding photography is the most nerve wracking thing ever, to make sure you get it right! xx

  5. I love your outfit, you looked great :) Your eye make up looks really pretty x

  6. such a great post, u look good. xx

  7. Love the outfit and your make up looks gorgeous :)


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