My (chocolate and bubblebath fulfilled) week in photos: 12.02.12 - 19.02.12


Galaxy that Iddy bought me :) · bubble baths ·walking dead s2e8 (waited three whole months!) · valentines lunch with mumma · colour film · jessie j top (topman) · jessie j disco · hello it's me

Had quite an easy week if I'm honest. It's been bubble baths and chocolate days with my bed and the secret circle which I am addicted to! Was really excited for the new episode of the walking dead considering I've waited ages but felt it wasn't that exciting to watch? It really disappointed me! Didn't end up doing anything for valentines other than have lunch and a spot of shopping with my mumma! I found the rolls of film in the pound shop so ended up buying ten. I spend around £4/5 on ONE roll usually and that's WITH student discount so I had to snap these up! The Jessie J top is something I've wanted since my friend sent me a picture. I'm addicted to Domino too, as is my mum and sister who decided to have a disco in my room!

Met up with some old friends yesterday. I did do a quick blog post before I went out last night to a family party but I felt so happy. I hadn't seen them in nearly two years (next month!) so I was feeling pretty awkward (like always, Iddy if you are reading this I bet you are smiling........... -___-) and nervous, and contemplated a few times whether to drop out but I'm so glad I didn't. We're currently organising our next meet-up so I will keep you all posted! Hello famous three if you are reading! 

I have laughed SO much this week! I can't really explain why cos ~certain people read my blog oooooopz~ but hahahahahaha HOVIS! Private jokes with my new friend Iddy. Tuesday will be even funnier. I wish I could explain the "joke" but I can't! If you have me on facebook I've made a few statuses about HOVIS. I'm not weird, there is a purpose behind them ^_^

Not sure what to blog about next week as I haven't bought or received any items to review for a while so what would you like to see/read?


  1. I felt exactly the same about The Walking Dead. I'm just as addicted to it and expected a lot more considering it was the first episode after the break. I just want them to get off of that farm already, some new scenery might make it more interesting!

    I may not know the inside joke, but that photo is pure comic genius. xx

  2. Chocolate and bubblebath filled weeks are the best! Outfit posts are always good :) x x

  3. Your mum is so pretty :) as are you! xx

  4. That red lipstick!!! Can I ask what it is? xx

    1. It's by a brand called MUD and is in the shade 'lady bug' :)

  5. LOL at that bread pic! love your red lippy too


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