February Wishlist & Catch-up


12345678, [minnie top now sold out*]

Haven't done one of these posts in a while and I'm lacking inspiration so thought I'd put one of these up as they're easy to do! I've literally thought of things I've wanted for a while including the Chanel cream bronzer and the pink creepers whilst also looking for new things that caught my eye. I absolutely adore my black creepers. I know they're not everybody's 'cuppa tea but they are the most comfy shoes I own and are just ugly but pretty. I really want the pink ones for Summer but I may get them customized so I don't have the black stitching at the front.

I need a new hoodie as I live in my current one and I think grey goes with everything. I found the t-shirt via a blog post that Hannah did and I fell in love straight away. Unfortunately, it's now sold out from Urban Outfitters. Talking of which, I really want the army camo jacket. I saw a girl at my exhibition yesterday wearing one and it reminded me how long I've actually wanted one. This one is only £48 which I don't think is that bad considering I will wear it a lot!

I will eventually get round to trying the famous Elasticizer that Lily reviewed. My hair is pretty damaged at the ends down to nobody but myself for my dire need to bleach in an ombre. I've been using Aussie's 3 minute miracle lately and it's been leaving my hair super soft! Maybe I will do a review soon?

I will soon be selling this layout that I am currently using due to a new layout that is currently being designed. There is a direct link on my shop if you are interested. I am also taking in orders for blog designs for the months of March-April. The price is still £25, link here. Remember to email me after you purchase!

Recently reached 400 GFC followers to thank you so, so much! I squealed in delight when I signed in yesterday. I have also forgotten to mention that I have started to learn how to drive! I will be having my third lesson on Monday and I'm so excited!

I am working Sunday and then seeing Harry Potter DHP2 with my friend Iddy which is showing at work for some bizarre reason so I'm looking so forward to that. I still haven't managed to get any of the DH's parts on DVD as HMV are always sold out!

I hope you are all having a lovely week. It's nearly the weekend! I haven't done much this week so don't expect too much from this week's 'my week in photos' post (on Sunday to be precise). My exhibition went really well yesterday. Quite a lot of people turned up and my friend Daniel decided to come along which was lovely as things seem to be quite normal between us and that makes me ever so happy. 


  1. I think the tangle teezers are so over rated! I hardly ever use mine now! Oh and you can get a hoodie exactly the same as that in Primark men's section for a tenner, if you only want to wear it about the house and stuff! :)

  2. Anonymous23/2/12

    The blue and white dress is my fav! Congrats for the exhibition, I'm glad everything is ok!! Watching HP is a great way to spend summer so enjoy it!!

  3. The Minnie top is still in stock and now it's only £14 :)

  4. I've just used the Elasticizer tonight, and have to say I'm in love. I bleach my hair to dye it bright red, and it's in amazing condition now after using the Elasticizer. I use Aussie shampoo and conditioner, and occasionally the 3 minute miracle too, it's amazing stuff - and on offer in supermarkets a fair bit too! x

  5. That Topshop dress is such a beaut! Must step away! xoxo

  6. I love the pink creepers and I've wanted that minnie mouse top for ages :(
    Claudia xxx

  7. I ordered the Topshop dress this morning :) :) I discovered it last night then it sold out infront of my (almost tear filled) eyes! Thankfully, by this morning there were more in! HALLELUJAH!
    I love the DM's too :)



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