A very busy week in photos!


tuna and sweetcorn pasta // gryffindor jumper from ebay // dad's roast dinner last sunday // audience whilst i ate it // spontaneous trip to the forest to walk the dog // met a horse who said hello, then farted // buttered crumpets // page of 'wrecked my journal' // paul from s club 7 followed me! // colour dark room measurements // white chocolate dips // friday's reward for a long week!

Back to my usual weekly posts running from Sunday to Saturday; being posted every Sunday! Was actually going to start last week but realised I hadn't taken many photos! I'm always travelling so taking my DSLR about is a bit of a job! This week has been so tough but I've pulled through and now having a lazy Sunday!

This week has consisted of everyday being busy. I got a letter last week informing me my University interview was on Friday 20th which was short notice considering my portfolio wasn't even halfway finished so I was stressing so much. Even shed a tear or two! However, by Thursday I decided to ditch all of my Grandparents project and just have my Brick Lane project instead. I wanted it to show my creativity and obviously something I want to go into as a career. I am predicted DDD for my final grade which I'm really happy about. Super excited about my next project too which is a studio project so obviously I'm going to do something fashion related! As for my interview, I was really nervous and had 'butterflies' all morning but everything went perfectly and I have been offered a place (still going to work for that overall DDD grade though!). So happy!

I also have some really exciting news. You may already know considering I tweeted about it with excitement but I am going to London Fashion Week! I really wanted to go this year as the collections seem more exciting and obviously more colourful compared to LFW a few months ago! However, it's not open to the public so applying for a pass seemed pretty pointless! I have been recommended to work with a fashion photographer and I am literally still starstruck. Not going to reveal who it is but his work is amazing and I will do a blog post all about it once it comes! I will be there on the Sunday. Super thrilled to be seeing Mulberry's and Vivenne Westwood's Red Label collections. So grateful for this opportunity. Now I just need to plan what to wear!

I'm also going to the #zomgbloggersbash next Monday (30th), hopefully. My work rota doesn't come out till tomorrow evening so I hope I'm not working. A lot of bloggers I talk to are going so I'm going to be literally stoked all evening but it will be really good to meet the faces behind the blogs I read! Really excited to meet AbbyMichelle and lots of others! Please let me know if you're going! Now I need to plan another outfit...

Got hardly any time to blog next week so have a few guest bloggers lined up. If you're interested in writing a post for ASHLLYD, feel free to email me!


  1. Oh look at the doggie! So cuuuute! Haha x

  2. Oh my, Wrecked my Journal is so nice. I love 'reading' that book!


  3. congrats on all the fab news :) so good! Just found your blog and LOVE it so far!

  4. I adore your hoodie! :D


    Love all the other pics especially the horse pic.


  6. Well this post has made me incredibly hungry and i only just had tea! Congrats on your predictions :) Hard work always pays off xox

  7. hoodie looks sooooo cosy


  8. OMGZ CRUMPETZ! Hello 1am craving... Looks like such a lovely and packed week! I'm still dithering about a HP hoodie, considering I want the Gryffindor one, but I'm actually a Hufflepuff and mustard yellow would look hideous in hoodie form on me ): Congrats on getting into Uni and with the LFW stuff, might see you around at LFW! Super excited to meet you on the 30th! xx

  9. OMG! I so need that hoody in my life! xx

  10. I think I saw you post about that hoodie on Twitter? I so almost bought it, great colour and obviously AMAZING reference to Harry Potter - I NEED ONE!! Damn being skint! Pooch looks cute too haha

    http://fridayisforever.blogspot.com/ xx


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