Review: The Accessory Stand


masquerade mask ring* (£3.25) / white rabbit ring* (£2.95)

The lovely Eleanor from The Accessory Stand sent me some rings for consideration to review and I love them! All of the items are vintage inspired and adjustable meaning people with weird, small fingers like myself don't have to worry about purchasing size 'S' rings and them still being too big! They do have a website but purchases operate through ebay so you do need an ebay account!

I chose the rabbit ring (described as white but it's more on the gold side) as it's Alice in Wonderland inspired and that's one of my all time favourite books/films! I have wanted something like this for ages but they're not the cheapest things to buy (anything Disney is always a rip off, but worth it at the same time!) so I was really happy with this! I love the mask ring too. They both fit perfectly and I can't wait to wear them properly. Maybe they will be featured in my first outfit post (I will start soon, I promise)!

Check out their website here and follow them on twitter!


  1. Oh my, those rings are both adorable! And the pricing is amazing too (: Off to have a sneaky perusal of their shop now. xx

  2. love them - so cute!

  3. Gorgeous rings! I really love the alice in wonderland one :) Looking forward to your outfit posts! xo

  4. I adore them! They are so unique and different.Lovely post!(:

  5. I love Alice in Wonderland so I adore the Rabbit ring:) I will have to check out The Accessory Stand! xx

  6. i love the bunny!!! the other one looks a bit too big for my personal taste but still cute as theyre so unique x

  7. awh number one is to die! fc xx


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