Things I like & want


All from Topshop!
Love the print on this dress, I think it really stands out * Really need a woolly hat for the coming Winter (even though England's had a random heatwave over the past week!). Not really a hat person but I won't know until I try! * Love the dalmation print on this cardi, think it's so cute. Not sure how I'd entirely style it but I'd probably wear it with a black & white outfit. * Love these leggings, slightly remind me of Hannah, as she owns a similar pair.. I think they're groovy! * Again, I need some new gloves for the Winter. I much prefer mittens as they keep me warmer and these are super cute! * My purse got stolen on Friday and I've lost all of  my cards (lucky git whoever found it gets all my Boots points! *angry face*). Need a new one, like this but i'm unsure of the gold clasp.. may just find it annoying! * Really love these shoes.. really remind me of the Festive season! Kinda 'in your face' but I'm confident enough to wear them!


  1. That dress is amaziiiiing! <3 I'll save for when it arrives to my country <3.

  2. Aw, let me know if you decide to get it Yona :)

  3. Need those red shoes in my life!

  4. Haha aw thanks for the mention :')
    Get those leggings! They're the same as mine but the colours are inverted. They're soo nice, I was really tempted to buy them the other day, which is bad seeing as mine are so similar!


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