Film Review: Abduction


On Friday, me and Todd popped into town after college and decided to take a visit to the cinema. It was a cross between 'I don't know how she does it' or Abduction. As I work at a cinema, depending on how busy the film is depends on if I'm allowed to get staff tickets for it. Fortunately, it was pretty early around 5pm when we got there so we were allowed Abduction, despite it being a new release!

Nathan (Taylor Lautner) plays a high school student who lives in a lovely, rich house with his Mum & Dad. His Dad pushes him hard at self-defence which Nathan never really thinks about. Nathan has feelings for a girl he's known since he was little; Karen, played by Lily Collins. They are chosen to work together on a school project and whilst surfing the internet together one day for part of their project, they come across a missing persons website. There's a photo on their of Nathan about 5 years old and a picture of what he would look like now. As you can tell, Nathan gets scared, worried and frustrated as he doesn't know what to believe anymore. Confronting his parents, it comes out that he was adopted .. but why?
There's a bunch of bad guys after him and Karen, who end up killing his adoptive parents .. but again, why? He meets lots of people along the way who claim they want to 'protect' him but it gets to the point where he can't trust anybody.  The whole film is about him on the run from the bad guys, the police, the CIA.. just about everybody. And then the truth comes out and things are easier to understand...

The film was really entertaining (I promise I wasn't looking at his body the whole time!) and I really enjoyed it. The film's a 12A which was a little disappointing considering there wasn't any swearing in there or much violence.. just the occasional punch up and I counted one use of the word 'bullshit'. I'm not into violent films at all.. but when you're sitting on a row of 10 year olds, you begin to wonder whether you're watching a kids film...

 Karen - Lily Collins
Dr Bennett - Sigourney Weaver  

 It was hard to concentrate, I will admit!

P.S Had a hectic time after the film. Someone nicked my purse! ):
Have you seen this yet? 


  1. I can't believe someone stole your purse! I hope karma gets them and is a real bitch!!

    p.s. I'm a first-time visitor, how can anyone not like tea?!

  2. Me too! So annoying as it had everything in there and I have to wait a week to 10 days for a new cash card! & hahah. Apparently, i used to like it when i was little.. i cannot stand the smell/taste of it now! Lovely blog by the way :) x

  3. I love, love, love this movie. & surprisingly enough even my dad loved it. LOL.
    Sucks that someone stole your purse :(

  4. Aha it was really good wasn't it? (: xx


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