Sarenza Blogger's Competition


Sarenza are currently holding a competition for fashion bloggers to choose their favourite shoes on the website and write a blog post why they like them etc for the chance to win £800 worth of shoes from Sarenza themselves! I've been meaning to enter for about a week now, but haven't got round to it. The competition closes tomorrow afternoon (I read a reminder on twitter!) so here's my entry:

I didn't want to just choose one pair of shoes and say why I like them. I have chosen a few pairs that really stand out for me and paired them with an outfit I think they'd look great with. This does show my personal style so stuff I pair together may not be to everybody's taste!

Look 1 - Floral Pumpkin

This outfit is casual but smart at the same time which I was looking for when choosing an outfit.
I absolutely love these shoes. Not only do they come in a range of colours, but they're also real leather so I know they'll be super comfy. I rarely buy an expensive shoe and stick to mostly shoes from high street shops such as Primark and New Look; hence why they don't last long and hurt me after a day's wear! I love the orange ones best but would love to style the blue ones too. Not only do they look cute, but they're also a type of shoe which can be worn to somewhere like a job interview but also to a party or out shopping. They're really versatile and something my "shoe-drobe" craves!

Look 2 - God Bless America

As soon as I saw these shoes, I just had to look for an outfit to style them with! I think they're super duper lovely and definitely not something you can easily pick up on the high street. I am a huge lace up brogue fan and own several pairs. I'm absolutely loving the androgynous look this A/W so I think these are perfect as they're a brogue lace up style shoe, however they have some extra detailing to them! I immediately thought 'stars and stripes' and so put this outfit together. It may be too much red for some people so a white sleeveless shirt could go great too.  The jewellery is a personal preference. I think using a 'weird' necklace such as this one will make the shirt stand out more as it's plain.

Look 3 - Autumn Leaves


I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Unfortunately Summer's literally over so I won't be treating myself to an outfit like this for a while! I get cold very easily, but maxi dresses are still very much in this A/W! As I'm quite short at just 5ft4, I have never found a maxi dress that doesn't drown me, hence why I don't own one ):
These shoes really remind me of Roman sandles which I happen to hate but I think these look a little more classy. I can really see myself buying these for my holidays next year! I chose jewellery that resembles the theme; Romans - so leaves were perfect as they're classic gold (faux of course) and just round up the theme perfectly. I think a simple bag that's a different colour such as white will finish the look perfectly. I personally wouldn't go for a black bag as the dress & shoes are dark, autumn colours themselves, so you don't want it to look too dark!

I have chosen all flat shoes as I don't get on with heels (I can never satisfy my lust for Jeffrey's Litas *sad face*), but you could easily surf around the Sarenza website and choose from their huge variety of shoes!
I have really enjoyed writing up this post, I hope you did too!


Thanks so much for your comment! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll answer them!