My Week in Photos


Visited an "urban location" for a place to shoot my current project; Urban Landscape. This is Mile End skate park, located behind Mile End's stadium. It's the same skate park that was shot in Olly Murs' "Heart Skips a Beat" video. I done so much googling to find out about it and after what seemed like forever...I finally found out the location! * I finished creating the title of my project book's front cover. It reminds me of The Mean Girls' Burn Book. Haha! * Weetabix for breakfast with lots of sugar makes me happy! * Me and Todd adventured out to Stratford's Westfield which to be honest, is SO overrated! I prefer the one in inner London; less packed and more spacious (that's what it seems anyway). I didn't take my house keys with me so we sat on the door step after we came back until my Mum came home to pick me up. I had a play around with my camera! * Saw this top in H&M in the men's section. Really reminded me of Sam Pepper (I have his personal account on Facebook & he follows me on Twitter, hehe).

Hope everybody has a joyous weekend. I'm working tonight, Sunday & Monday.. *Sigh*.


  1. Love the Mario top!

  2. super mario and weetabix- brings back many memories from my childhood!


  3. Anonymous15/10/11

    Randomly stumbled across your blog and liked your style and these street art pics so thought id show the love and leave a comment ;)



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