Following on from trying out the Hot Cloth Cleanser & LOVING IT (you can read the full review here.), I'm back to blog about another two products. As I said in the first review, I am very careful when it comes to selecting new skin products. I have quite sensitive skin so finding something which isn't going to completely have a disagreement with my skin can be a task and half.  I was sent the Instant Boost Skin Tonic which is recommended to be used after the Hot Cloth Cleanser and secondly the Skin Repair Moisturiser which is recommended to be used after the Skin Tonic.  

The Instant Boost Skin Tonic:
I gathered this was some kind of cleanser/toner when I opened it.  The first time I used it, I was so shocked at the smell. IT'S SO LUSH. The back of the bottle describes the scent as "heavenly floral" which are the right words to use! It really smells expensive which is something I'm not used to when using skin care products (student here who sticks to the trusty faithful Simple products).

Skin Repair Moisturiser:
This is so, so nice. A little pricey at just under £20, but so, so worth it. Compared to my other cheap moisturiser by Simple which is around £3/4; I don't think I will ever look back again.  It's a thick, rich cream.. just like it says on the back (huge pat on the back to the person who describes the products - you're bang on target!).  I can sense it working straight away. It's so thick and rich, it almost feels like I'm rubbing velvet into my skin! As I said, I'm not used to using expensive products so it's such a nice feeling to almost "treat" my skin to an expensive routine every night!

Overall, I am SO happy with my three Liz Earle products. My skin looks so much brighter, radient and clear. They've cleared up all my blocked pores etc. I couldn't stop stroking my cheeks in college yesterday!

I think I may be cheeky and ask if I may review some of the hair care products. My hair is in pretty bad condition at the moment thanks to nobody but myself (and bleach!). If Liz Earle's skin care regime works... I'm hoping their hair care items can revive my dead hair!

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for reviewing purposes. I was expecting samples but received full sized products!


  1. I'm glad the routine has helped your skin... I think I might need to try it! I love your blog! xx

  2. Thank you Anita :).
    I recommend all of their products Amy, they're lovely! I'm waiting to try out their hair range next,can't wait! xx


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