Clippy London


A few weeks ago, I entered Clippy London's Facebook competition.  To enter, all you had to do was create a bag of your choice and then email it to Clippy. I was thrilled that I had been shortlisted! The top three entries from the shortlist with the most likes on Facebook won their bag. Not only did I win but I also had the most votes; an amazing 119 likes. Thank you to everyone who took two seconds out of their time to vote :)!

Clippy itself is an amazing story.  It was started off by Calypso Rose who customized her own bags by slotting in polaroids she had taken.  After being asked over and over again about her bag, she began to make them for other people. With such a vast amount of people buying them, Calypso Rose set up a stall in Portebello Market and the business grew and grew from there  She is now a young entrepreneur despite just being a few years older than me! That little stall business once upon a time has now gone worldwide with the likes of Helena Bonham Carter styling their very own bags. It's such a sweet story and really inspires you to follow your heart.

I took a mixture of personal photos and things that reflect me as a person. I wanted it to mean something to me and I'm so glad I went with that choice as I received the bag this morning!

Thank you so much to Connie and everyone on the Clippy team!


  1. congrats on winning the competition, thats an awesome bag! i'm gonna go hunt them down next time i'm in Portobello Market x

  2. congrats girly:) looks good!

  3. Thank you :)!
    You can order them online if it's easier :) I'm not sure if she still does her stall x


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