Temporary Secretary's Facebook Giveaway Prize


A few weeks ago, I received an inbox message on Facebook from Sarah at Temporary Secretary. I won her Facebook giveaway! I never really win things so when I read that I had won, I was over the moon!
I don't always enter giveaways.. sometimes I'm too lazy to enter! However, all I had to do was to 'like' a facebook link & share it to my friends, which I did.. and luckily random.org chose me as the winner!

I love it! Thank you Sarah! ^_^

Sarah's links:


  1. Congrats that necklace is amazingly cute ...if u wuldnt mind plz check out my blog i awarded you for your amazing blog <3 x http://eyeshadowandglitter.blogspot.com

  2. I don't mean to swamp you with comments today but having a major catch up with everyone's blog, have been away this weekend and was in a major daze last week! Thank you so much for blogging about this and mentioning the website - you are a star! x

  3. I know right! Thanks for the blog award :)
    That's okay Sarah. Your jewellery is amazing!


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