E.l.f Haul


001: #chocolate
002: #twinkle
003: #light red

004: #Candid Coral
005: Tinted Moisturizer #Porcelain

It blends out nicely!

 006: Mineral Lipstick #Cheerful Cherry

Disappointed about this considering it's broken!

 I wouldn't have bought this if I had known my Mum bought me the UD naked palette (which I have used non-stop since I got it and oh-em-gee, I love it!), however it's always a little backup and a great alternative for carrying around in my makeup bag. I would be devastated if i ended up shattering my naked shadows!

They're all quite pigmented, so I'm looking forward to trying this palette out!

I'm not a lash wearer at all, however I picked these up because they look pretty.
I already own the brush shampoo and have been after the daily spray for ages, but it's always sold out! 
I have no idea if the lip pencil works yet, however it's meant to prolong the colour of your lipstick.

Disclaimer: Even though I am affiliated with E.l.f and get sent free things to review for my blog, I do occasionaly place orders and purchase everything with my own money. E.l.f were doing a 50% code off this weekend (code: HUSHHUSH) so I obviously had to take advantage! It was sent to me before it was released to the public, so I was lucky in the fact they nothing was sold out.
Everything pictured above was bought out of my own money, which I work hard for.

Did you take advantage of the code last weekend?
Let me know what you bought!


  1. (: Okay I'm officially following you on here. I have this account just to follow , I don't post.

    I love elf foundation :)


  2. I need to start ordering more ELF stuff, looks great!


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