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Hello my fellow bloggers,

I don't know if you've noticed.. even though I have announced it on Twitter and Tumblr, but I have finally purchased my own URL! I have been meaning to do so for a while now. It looks so much better when I get into contact with PR's from companies and overall, just looks a lot better than the horrid ''. Eeep.

ash = my name
lly = my middle name (lily), minus the 'i'
d = the first letter of my last name

i took out the i of the 'lily' because i preferred the look of it. i didn't like the look of 'ashlilyd' lol!

I have also re-vamped the look of my blog. It's taken hours! This blog will be updated a lot more now it's finally been sorted out. If you follow my tumblr, you'll know I change the theme and general look of it a hell of a lot; however Blogspot does stress the hell out of me, so it's not going to be changed around as much (I say that'll be different next week)

I hope everybody's well

Lots of love,

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