With summer on the way, many of us are looking for alternatives to our trusty pair of sandals. With so many fashionable trainers now on the market, they are fast becoming a top choice for women all over the country. Whilst the right pair of trainers can complete any outfit, it is also true that the wrong pair can completely break an outfit.  Here's a great guide on common occasions where you might choose to ditch the heels for trainers.

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At the Airport

Trainers are the ideal footwear for travelling as they are comfortable, suitable for walking long distances and also ideal for running in to catch that flight! The best style of trainers to choose for travelling is a slip-on pair, as these can be removed easily on long flights and when passing through security. They also don’t require you to stop and re-tie them if they come loose. Slip-on trainers are available in a variety of patterns and colours and can be paired with joggers, denim, shorts and even dresses or skirts.

Fancy Nights Out

Fancy nights out don’t always require you to wear heels and in fact; there are a lot of fashionable trainers that would work perfectly.  If you’re planning on wearing a midi-dress, the designer range at Sensse have trainers are available in numerous styles and can really help your personality to shine through. If you would prefer something more understated, then a pair of black canvas trainers are a good choice. These are a timeless classic that look especially good with cropped jeans or gym pants.

Short Weekend Getaways

If you plan on taking a short weekend getaway any time soon, you’ll want to pack a pair of trainers that will be comfortable in enough to wear while you’re on your feet all day long; whilst also looking fashionable in any photographs you take. A pair of high-top trainers are a top choice here, but you could also invest in a more sporty style if you want to. Another good option are a pair of Skechers. These are known for their comfort, but also for their bright colours and patterns. So long as you plan your outfits in advance, these could be a top choice.

Formal Occasions

Trainers are not usually the go-to choice for many when it comes to formal occasions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them – it just requires a bit of extra thought. A basic trainer in black or white can give a fashionable edge to a suit. Classic navy low tops can provide the little something extra that you may need when worn with a pair of grey pants. Of course, you probably won’t want to wear trainers to work, but if you’re attending a conference, exhibition or commuting into the city, trainers can be a top choice to wear.

Can you think of any more ways to use trainers in your look? 

Disclaimer: Guest post. 

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