As I am moving into my third trimester of pregnancy, we knew it wouldn't be the best of ideas to travel 2-3 hours in the car in Ricky's work van, but at the same time we wanted a quick getaway before we become parents.

We was thinking of looking into car leasing and liked the idea of travelling in comfort and style - with the option of looking at sensible cars before hand; perfect for road trips. With the possibility to lease a mercedes and wanting to limit the amount of distractions so Ricky could drive us from A to B safely, we had a look into car leasing. However, it just so happened that we ended up getting our new family car a few weeks earlier than planned, so things worked out by themselves!

A recent survey for a campaign #UKDrivingDistractions by Lease Car UK saw 1,000 people being quizzed on their top driving distractions.  A whopping 24% of people said music often distracts them; with heavy metal, rock and electronic music being the worst genres. Whilst 32% of people admitted to eating in the car which can be distracting, a worrying 45% of women admitted they often apply lipstick whilst driving - with 10% of those reaching out for mascara or blusher too.

I think our biggest distractions whilst driving are bad drivers; although Ricky now limits the amount he reacts to someone cutting him up or pulling out on him! Sometimes it sounds much more appealing to leave your expensive wheels at home. Although, with a baby on the way, I don't think we will be doing that!

I'm so sad that we are back to reality and back home from a luscious three night stay at a cute and cosy log cabin. We were kindly asked if we would like a complimentary stay at Woodlakes Park, Norfolk - which Ricky and I thought would be an excellent excuse for a well deserved "baby moon".

Woodlakes Park
Holme Road
King's Lynn
Norfolk PE34 3PX

Woodlakes Park is in Kings Lynn in Norfolk - somewhere neither of us had been before. It's originally a fishing resort - a popular attraction for people to kick back and fish, although the rule is to release the fish back into either of the FIVES lakes inside of the park. However, with Woodlakes Park now wanting to attract couples and families for short breaks, it was the perfect opportunity for us to head down there and have a relaxing weekend.

If you fancy watching a vlog, I filmed little snippets of the weekend which you can watch below!

It took around 2.5 hours to get there from Essex, stopping off at a service station for some lunch both on the way there and back.  Upon arrival, we couldn't believe how quiet everything was. We pulled up outside the reception and was greeted by a friendly lady who checked us into our cabin. The reception also has a large shop inside of it which sells almost everything any person could ever need to fish. They also sell daily essentials from local farms (sausages, burgers etc) and sell more household essentials like kitchen roll, washing up liquid etc. 

We stayed in one of the brand new log cabins at the back of the park, which overlooked one of the huge and beautiful lakes. Our cabin had a double room, twin room with single beds and an open plan kitchen, dinning room and living room. You really wouldn't need much more for a short break!

The cabins really had that log cabin wood smell and feel which was lovely; with huge windows that allowed natural light to flow in - but with blinds on them to shut the world away at dusk. It really did feel like we were out in the middle of no where, but it was warm and cosy with radiators available for you to get your toes all toasty.

A 4 people seating table is set away from the living area, which has two sofas, a coffee table (we used it for evening snacks!) and a TV with all of the digital channels you could ever need. We had also brought a laptop and HDMI cable along, so that we could watch films on the bigger screen.

The french doors at the back opened onto a decking area that wraps around all of the back of the cabin; with an outside seating area perfect for BBQs and there are steps provided leading down to the lake area. I spent a while sitting out there one evening around 6pm with a duvet wrapped around me and it was the most peaceful I had been in ages. 

We was jokingly warned that we would probably be joined by a bunch of ducks most mornings... but they came over to us for bread every morning and evening. To be honest, they never really left at all!

The only two things we did during our stay (although there's plenty of things to do!) was visit Banham Zoo on the Saturday and then have drive down to Hunstanton Beach and have a roast dinner at a local pub on the Sunday. Most places stopped serving Sunday roasts at 2-3pm which we thought was a bit bizarre!

Both Hunstanton Beach and Banham Zoo are about 40 minute drives from Woodlakes Park, so the cabins are in a nice location for days out for the family. 

I found it quite difficult to walk along Hunstanton Beach for too long before my back started hurting (pregnancy problems!), but Banham Zoo was great as it allowed me to stop and rest as many times as I wanted. We also got lunch there which wasn't the best, but the zoo itself is nice. 

We made it just in time to watch the giraffe feed at around lunch time and the red panda was the cutest thing we have ever seen, he was so chilled out!

We had a really comfortable and pleasant 3 night stay at Woodlakes Park and would recommend it to anyone looking to kick back and relax. We virtually had no service on our phones most of the weekend - which to be honest, was really nice not having to text people back or update social media! 

OFFER FOR MARCH/APRIL:  Receive 10% off telephone bookings (subject to availability) during March & April 2019 when you quote code ASHLEIGH10 :)

We have already recommended the park to so many friends and family and really look forward to returning one day with our little one when he's here. 

Thanks so much to Woodlakes Park for having us. We enjoyed every minute!

Disclaimer: I was offered a three night complimentary stay at Woodlakes Park in return for an honest review on my blog and social media. This post is also in collaboration with Lease Car UK.

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