A broadway sell-out hit that has now landed in the bustling city of London and is taking the theatre doors by storm. A story about friendship, love, taking charge and support.

It’s September 11th, 2001 and 38 planes across the world have been instructed to make emergency landings at Gander International Airport due to breaking news that a terrorist attack has hit the city of New York; taking down the twin towers and killing unknown numbers of people.

The town of Newfoundland, Canada hear of the news on the TV and radio and decide to come together as a community to host temporary accommodation and shelter for those stranded halfway on their journey by air. 

The town goes from 7,000 to 16,000 people over night and there’s hardly any room to fit everyone, so the local community sees itself opening up primary schools and halls to shelter everyone. The town also miraculously manage to get together enough food to feed 16,000 hungry mouths for 5 days. There’s also a cat, dog and a rare pregnant chimpanzee that was on board one flight, kindly cared for and not forgotten by a citizen of the community.

The story is about friendship, hospitality and the magnitude of kindness. A brilliant journey of different races, genders and sexualities coming together as one to get through a tough 5 days. 

Some travellers had family members that were caught up in the traumatic events in New York City, and so you begin to understand how the events affected not only the thousands that died, but the families affected by those they lost or lost contact with over the 5 days.

Come From Away is a brilliant show exploring the events of 9/11 outside of New York City, which will make you experience all kinds of different emotions. You will cry, smile and laugh out loud. It’s no wonder that it sold out on broadway! I highly recommend it!

Come From Away is available to book now through London Box Office. Ticket prices start from £11.90

Disclaimer: Gifted press tickets in return for review purposes.

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