The bathroom is the one room in the house that you use multiple times a day, for varying lengths of time – depending on what you’re doing! But without being too vulgar, the versatile room is not only for going to the loo, but also washing, pampering, and getting ready for the next big night out. Despite both girls and boys spending a substantial amount of time in the bathroom, they are often neglected when it comes to interior renovations.

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Read on for 7 of the best ways you can beautify your bathroom sans the eye-watering budget… 

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Declutter with Functional Storage

A bathroom is often used as a relaxation space, be it a hot bubble bath, a long shower or a pampering session, and often it’s the one place you can escape for a moment to yourself. With this in mind, it makes sense that you don’t ruin this moment of tranquillity with clutter and mess. Opt for floating shelves as a space-saving solution or add a cabinet and organise internally as you see fit. Magnetic strips are a good way of keeping bobby pins, tweezers and nail clippers at bay.

Add Plants

Bathrooms are often light and airy, meaning the addition of a cactus, plant or flower will complement the scheme tenfold, giving off yet more fresh vibes. Orchids are a good option for those looking for more of a luxurious vibe, while Ivy is known for being one of the best plants for air purification – a must-have for a bathroom!

Get a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls allow you to quickly and easily inject a little personal flair into your bathroom décor, without compromising on space. These work exceptionally well on walls opposite a mirror, and can be a combination of original artwork, quirky quotes and family photos for a truly diverse collection. Keep any colour schemes consistent by making the most of your frames and think about including anything that's important or sentimental to the people you are sharing with to make them smile in the mornings. 

Opt for Industrial Lighting

The lighting controls the overall ambience of a bathroom and is vital to ensuring the space is as relaxing as possible. Given the wet nature of bathrooms, there are some lighting regulations to be aware of, so ensure that your industrial bathroom lighting has an IP44 or IP65 rating if necessary. Metallic colours including brass and copper will work with any bathroom, be it contemporary or classic, and wall lights can be placed either side of the mirror for perfect selfie lighting (#nofilter). 

All About Tropical

The tropical print is all the rage in the world of interior design, and you would struggle to walk into many high street shops that aren’t selling pineapple, palm-tree, coconut-based merchandise. From toothbrush holders to shower curtains; how you choose to embrace this trend is up to you, but the print will certainly add a summery element to your décor and is likely to brighten up your bleary-eyed Monday morning teeth brushing!

Go Bold with a Bath Mat

With various restraints, many will be unable to splash the walls with the colour they desire thanks to an unimaginative landlord, limited funds and boring partners. That said, compromise is key, and you can please your inner colour enthusiast with the help of a loud and proud bath mat. Opt for your favourite colour, or head to Pinterest to look for any quirky patterns that might be of preference.

Have Fun!

Finally, regardless of the size or scale of your bathroom refurb project, make sure you have fun along the way! The bathroom is one room you can definitely get away with being slightly more daring than with others, and ensuring you have something that sets you aside from other bog-standard bathrooms is bound to resonate with guests and visitors. Adding your own spin will allow everyone to enjoy the room and is particularly important given that this is the only room that will be visited at least 3-4 times a day!

Hopefully, this blog piece has inspired you to give your own bathroom a little makeover, along with some ideas on how you can soon be the proud owner of a trendy toilet. Do you have any of your own ideas you’d like to share? Be sure to leave them in the comments!

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  1. Some of these things I want to incorporate into a future bathroom, especially functional storage which is a must x

  2. We got our bathroom done a couple of years ago and it makes me smile everytime I go in there (we're moving soon though so will have to start all over again!) x

  3. I would love a bathroom to take pride in. I've done little bits with mine (diffusers, candels etc) but want it to feel less rental home and more pride. One day, eh?
    C x

  4. We have a proper old little bathroom and I absolutely hate it! But I am a person who tries to make the best out of danky situations! Haha! God loves a trier, right?

  5. Some interesting ways to make your bathroom more beautiful. We currently privately rent but I'll definitely take these tips into account when we finally move into a house of our own

  6. The bathroom I have at home is amazing thanks to all my dad's hard work but when I eventually have my own place I love the theme of light grey walls, white tiles and lots of green plants x

  7. I stupidly got floor to ceiling tiles in mine so can't have a gallery wall but it's a great idea


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