I remember reading the email. My heart stopped for a split second and I felt sick with worry. However, a little buzz was sitting in the pit of my stomach and I knew it would be an amazing opportunity.

Red Letter Days read my very first post of 2018 in which I talked about my goals for the new year ahead. I mentioned that I wanted to try something that scares me, as I hate anything that involves risking my life, going upside down and water. I made it a goal of mine this year to conquer these fears and face them head on. Well, that's exactly what I did.

Cutting a long story short, a few years ago, my mum and I  had a really bad experience at a water park abroad on holiday. I fell out of a plastic boat and very nearly fell out of very high water slide with a fish bowl feature. I ended up smashing my heading my head and my mum smashed her mouth. It's safe to say that I haven't stepped foot into a water park since and water sports are just off the cards. Or well, they were.

A few weekends ago, I headed over to the Royal Victoria Docks in East London to face that fear. At 5pm with the sun setting across London, I found myself climbing into a a submersible craft shaped and designed to look like a killer whale. Thankfully, it didn't kill me, but it did kill my inner fear of water mixed with speed.

When Red Letter Days challenged me take part in their #LiveaLittle campaign, I said yes straight away. They explained that the challenge would involve participating in the Seabreacher Watercraft experience with Predator Adventures. At the time I said yes, it seemed like an amazing idea. However, with a week leading up to it, followed by just a few days... and then the actual morning of the day, I was quite frankly almost pooping my pants.  In fact, I was so scared and nervous about it that I told my boyfriend that he would have to do it if I pulled out last minute!

With a supercharged engine of 300 horsepower delivering speeds of up to 60mph, the ability to jump 18 foot into the air and plunge 5 meters deep into the water, it really is quite the ride. The experience is made to be just like a fighter jet with a driver/owner of Predator Adventures in the front and a cockpit style seat in the back for the person crazy enough to sit in it. Oh wait, that was me. 

I soon found myself being buckled up into a life jacket and walking down the raft that leads to the boat. I then met Adam, the owner of Predator Adventures and he assured me that I would be safe in his hands. You can let him know if you want to go 'mild' or 'wild', so after explaining how and why I was so nervous, he agreed to go mild with me.

Sitting in the back is quite cramped and at 5 ft 5', I am not exactly the tallest of people. It can fit in a maximum height of 6 ft 5', but you should expect your knees to sit tight against your chest even at my height and with a harness style seat belt strapped across your chest for safety. 

The first few minutes was absolutely fine...just strolling across the dock and out into an open bit of water where no other water sports were happening. Adam then closed the roof and asked if I was ready. I tried to GoPro the whole thing, but the battery died 5 minutes in, so I unfortunately didn't catch everything.

Image via Design My Night

The whale like fins on the back of the craft allow it to turn 90 degrees from left to right. Adam then asked if I was ready to take our first dive and I closed my eyes and said yes. The engine powers through the water full speed and then plunges deep into the water. Being London waters, everything goes black and you can't see anything. It's the strangest feeling and you can't anticipate when you're going to launch 18ft into the air. However, we soon did and it's as if the world stopped for 2-3 seconds, before smashing back into the waters below. 

Adam kept asking me throughout the experience if I was okay and think as I wasn't crying or screaming my head off, he felt comfortable enough to plunge into the waters another ten or twelves times. Totally fine though, as I had a whale of a time and returned to the docking bay with a big smile on my face.

I am so proud of myself for even making the journey over to the docks, let alone getting inside and having the ride of my life. I woke up that morning and was convinced I wouldn't be able to do it. I didn't feel mentally ready to face my biggest fear, but I did it and it's the greatest feeling knowing I've done it. 

I honestly recommend this experience so much for anybody who loves water and adrenaline or maybe you want to face those two fears head on too! It isn't the cheapest experience to do; setting you back at £119 for one or £159 for a two person experience. Saying that though, it is a one in a million type of experience and it's the only one in the UK!

Image via Design My Night

A huge thank you to Red Letter Days for allowing me to take part in this opportunity. I had so much fun and would definitely do it again! 

For your information... the craft can hold a maximum of 17 stone (108kg) and 6ft 5' (198cm) - with an age restriction of 6 years and upwards. Not suitable for pregnant women or people with epilepsy, heart disease, back or neck problems. 

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Red Letter Days. All words and views are my own. I 100% recommend this. Photos not mine are credited. 


  1. This looks like so much fun, omg! Love these shots.

    Hannah | coffee with hannah

  2. That's amazing - well done you for getting on and doing that! Waterparks freak me out too - I went to one in Tenerife a couple years back and i was so frightened of falling out the dingy in those bowl-shaped water rides. Well done for fighting your fears head on - and it sounds like you had so much fun!

  3. Oh wow I have never seen anything like this before! My brother would love this and he lives in London - must remember this for his birthday, thank you :)

  4. So sorry to hear about your bad experience, but so glad that you decided to go near the water again and do to something brave like that. Bravo!


  5. Wow, well done for conquering your fears! If I had had the same experience as you, I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to do this. Having said that, this sounds utterly amazing! Terrifying...but amazing!

  6. I have seen this advertised and really want to try this as it looks so much fun!!

  7. oh my goodness this sounds terrifying but so cool! I have to look into trying!!

  8. Oh wow - I have never seen anything like this - it looks terrifying and amazing too! Kaz

  9. OMG I am so jealous. It sounds and looks like it was the best time EVER.


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