Some people can be a little skeptical about finding love on dating sites. However, I will have you know that online dating does work. People have been making meaningful connections for years now, thanks to advances in technology.

With smartphones and mobile data, people are now connecting more on the go. The best way to start online dating is by signing up to dating sites like Everyone is swiping these days, so why not try something a little different?

Can one find love on dating sites? Yes, because I have!     

1. Online dating success stories

People have been finding love online. If you want proof, just go on some of the major dating sites. You will be amazed at the number of success stories added on a daily basis. Besides dating, there are some who an engaged, married and starting families. It’s amazing a connection online can become so meaningful.

According to some study, more than 33% of U.S. marriage began online. And apparently, compared to those that met offline, those that met online have reported higher marital satisfaction.

2. Everybody is doing it.

If you are not married or are looking for love, then your best chances of doing this are on a dating website. Much as one might think its cliché, everybody really is doing it. This how people are connecting these days.   With the busy lifestyles that people have, it is much easier to connect with people in this way. It’s easy and it's convenient.

3. There is less stigma about online dating

A lot of people are now using dating websites. Even those who said they would never use online dating are giving it a shot. This is probably because people are having more faith in finding love online because a friend or relative also had success online.

More than half of people know someone who found love online. Hence more people and now giving it a go. Dating online is now culturally more accepted as a way of finding love.

4. The number of dating sites and apps have tripled since 2013

Now, if online dating wasn’t working, why are there more dating websites and dating apps being introduced to singletons everyday? And there are more and more sites catering to various niches. For instance, there are websites for people who love gardening or dating sites for uniform jobs or single parents only.

If you get a site where the people share similar interests, making a connection becomes easier. For instance, if you are open to dating interracially, then your chances of finding love are higher on interracial sites. Here you will meet like-minded individuals who are open to finding interracial love.

The thing is: online dating has blossomed into a billion-dollar industry. And whether we like it or not, we got to give props to it. For a couple to have success in a marriage, they need to be compatible. And how a couple meet doesn’t guarantee success in a relationship. Online provides an opportunity of meeting as many people as one can. This therefore, increases one’s chances of finding love.

So how does one guarantee online success?

1. YOUR profile is very important. Create a great profile detailing what you really want in a partner. This will make someone see you as a person. Use this to brand yourself and stand out.

2. Be proactive. Don’t wait for people to approach you. If you see someone’s profile and you like what you read, then hit them up. Send them a message or online chat. Don’t be afraid. Just put yourself out there.

3. If you want to increase your chances, then it pays to invest a little. Opt for the paid membership as opposed to free memberships. The free memberships are usually quite limited in features. You will be able to communicate with potential mates easier and faster as opposed to relying on sending each other flirts.

4. Once you make an online connection, make a point to take things offline. Plan a date. Go to a restaurant or public place and see if you two have offline chemistry.

5. Most importantly, have a little faith in dating sites

Personally, I have been online dating since I was 19 and my journey has resulted in a few relationships, a lot of time wasters, a hell of a lot of bad dates and some hilarious memories over the years. For me, I found it a lot easier to meet new people off a dating app or website rather than meet someone at in a social atmosphere like a club. It’s a big journey but an interesting one for sure!

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  1. Anonymous20/3/18

    Great post! I met my husband on Plenty of Fish in 2013 and we eventually went on dates and we've been married almost four years, together 5. Just before I clicked his profile I decided I'm going to stop 'looking for love' and whatever happens, happens; it's so clichéd but very true when people say 'if you stop searching for love, you'll find it! (well, in my experience anyway hehe). Love your blog! x

  2. It is so funny - when I met my now husband twelve years ago, none of this was around, at least not the apps anyway. So it is a whole new world to me that i know nothing about

  3. I met my other half online, we've been together since 2010 now! Gosh 8 years this year, crazy!

  4. So many people meet online now, I've never tried any dating apps but just met my boyfriend on a night out! xo

  5. I definitely think you can find love online as I found my boyfriend through an online dating app and we've been together for 18 months and we both know that this is it for us. Sometimes you just know! And I have so many friends who have also met their partners online x

  6. It makes sense that this is how so many relationships start as it is how we live our lives. I have never used a dating app as I've been with Steven for so long, but I do think that they seem like a lot of fun!

  7. It's something that people don't really believe in, but you can definitely find love online. It's not about the app or how the people use it. I think when you're bound to find someone, you will.

  8. I know several couples that met online, through various ways, and all still happily together. I think the stigma of it all that used to exist has become less of a thing now, and there are so many different approaches that it can suit many people.

  9. I think it is like anything in life being proactive deffo helps. Also keeping the profile on point is key x

  10. I think so many people find love online now that you really cant just dismiss it anymore!

  11. I have used dating apps in the past, but I'm really not a fan :( I seem to only meet time wasters, plus a lot of my friends use them - and I don't wanna date the same guys, that's a bit awkward :( x

  12. Well I personally know so many of my friends who have met their life partners online and have been together for nearly 15 to 20 years so it can happen.

  13. I must admit I would hate the dating scene this days but I know plenty of people who have found love online, so it must work

  14. Many people I know have met lifetime partners online due to the fast pace world we no live in

  15. I think online dating is fab - I wish that I was single now to try it, because I totally missed that boat! I think it's quite an exciting way to meet new people!

  16. Anonymous23/3/18

    I think online dating is great, so many people do it and I know so many people who have found their other halves through doing so x

  17. I can see that it would be a great thing. People on dating sites are actually looking for someone, so already you have 2 people who haven't met by chance who wern't looking for a relationship. There for already they know they are working towards something.


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