If you know me, you know I love trying new swimwear styles and I am so excited that holiday season is fast upon us. Ok, well I know it's only nearing the end of February but seriously... summer holiday planning will be beginning soon.

I am not sure where we are off to yet, but us fashion bloggers have to be well prepared in advance for these things... which is exactly why I'm already writing about swimwear two months into the year!

Whilst looking for bikinis and maybe even a swimming costume too that I can style on planned summer holidays this year, I came across Simply Beach. They have a wide range of different swimwear styles for all different body shapes and sizes and from a whole bunch of fantastic brands. I tend to get most of my swimwear from online retailers like this. I find it quite a challenge to find matching sets that fit me and make me feel confident to hit the beach.

Having a browse, I became familiar with a few of the brands and couldn't wait to carry on shopping around. Before I knew it, I had a few different styles in my basket and now I need your help in choosing the best one! 

Seafolly is one of my favourite swimwear brands, because of their wide range of on trend and pretty styles. This Desert Tribe swimsuit features a super cool aztec pattern with a deep V cut and ladder detailing on the back too. For £100, it's classy, but sexy. 

I tend to avoid bandeau style swimsuits and bikinis as a bigger chested lady. However, this Jet swimsuit is a perfect style for lazying around the beach or pool with a nice necklace accessory and massive floppy sunhat. I particularly like the black colour as it's a colour that makes you look automatically slimmer; whilst the white pipe detailing draws attention to the swimsuit rather than just your lady melons. Priced at £160.00.

I have already got some swimwear styles that are grey and they really do look lovely against a tan. This Jets swimsuit in the colour slate is a part of their Aspire range; for D-DD cups. Perfect for me who struggles finding high street styles that fit both my boobs and my body. 

This style in particular really appeals to me. The high shoulder straps look like they will really lift you up and support your lady lumps. The sheer panel really adds something sensual, but innocent and classy at the same time. Priced at £165.00, it's a style that I might even treat myself to. 

If that hasn't got you in the mood for bikini shopping, then I don't know what will! What do we all have planned for the summer? I have already started to look at a few package deals, but haven't got anything set in stone yet... which gives me more time for more swimwear shopping. Yay!

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Simply Beach. All words are my own.


  1. This year I'm definitely going to go for a swimming costume over a bikini! You've picked out some lovely ones! xx

  2. I love the cut aways in the swimming costumes, such a nice way to show a bit more off but still feel covered :)

  3. I’d never dare wear a bikini, I don’t want to harm other people’s eyesight 😂
    But you look great in that bikini, it’s very summery and stylish,

  4. Hard to wrap my head around a post about swimwear when its still cold and snow is on the ground here.
    Don't have an opinion as to which is a favorite,they all look pretty.

  5. I would never wear a bikini - not for the want of wearing one, I just don't have the guts to wear one! I am a tankini girl, through & through!

  6. I recently just got the courage to go to the swimming pool with my young son, having been so paranoid about my figure hang ups that I simply wouldn't go. But having got a decent swimming costume, I felt comfortable enough to go. Getting it right is key. These are lovely examples of swim wear, all great for holiday wear or looking good at the pool.

  7. Ooh I need a new swimsuit, I have just started to swim again and need a few to keep me going! Love the grey!

  8. Love all 3 especially the last one!

  9. I really love the slate coloured swimsuit the most for the range I’m always so self conscious about my stomach area (after having a baby and losing weight has left it a bit saggy to say the least!) but maybe a treat would boost my confidence.

  10. These are beautiful! I get a deep tan quite easily being olive skinned, and have always loved the way that bright colours look against my tan. I have never considered a grey swimsuit, but will definitely give one a try! x

  11. Anonymous24/4/18

    Hey! These swimsuits are quite awesome. I have used one of them and I'm having many Cosabella swimsuits, but of different design and style. The color combinations are too good and also the printed designs are great. Swimsuits are like a lifeline for the beach lovers. A trip to the beach without swimsuit is like the food without salt. So, one can wear stylish swimsuits on the beaches with different designs.


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