For just over a month, I have been working really closely with a hair brand called NIOXIN. Tailor made for people who are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss, NIOXIN claims to transform your hair if you use their products consecutively. They have a campaign running at the moment called #NIOXIN30Days - in which you are to use NIOXIN products for 30 days and you should see fantastic results.

NIOXIN carried out a global research project on 4000 adults. The results confirmed that those with thinning hair hold back from living a fuller life. A staggering 27% of these people admitted they would rather avoid social situations because of little confidence they have with their hair.

Since I was younger, my hair has always been thick and made most people envious. However, four years ago when I started the transformation from brunette to blonde, my hair began to deteriorate. What used to be a thick and bouncy pony tail, became a limp and lifeless one. Whilst the waist length used to be natural, I now wear hair extensions because I feel much more confident with a thick and lusciously long Rupunzel head of hair; rather than limp, thin and shoulder length hair.

According to the research carried out, a mighty 68% of 25-34 year olds admitted to feeling concerned about hair loss and thinning. Over 50% of these people reported being less likely to take a selfie and upload it to social media, due to not feeling confident about their hair. I'm about four weeks away from sitting nicely in this age bracket and I can completely agree. I'm a sucker for any new kind of product launch that claims to thicken your hair when blowdrying, hair masks that will apparently give you the softest hair in the world and serums that will maintain those pesky flyaways. However, there I still was; pencilling in 30 mins of my next weekend to wash my hair extensions.

So many claims from brands and the media and yet there's not many products out there that I firmly believe in; nor many that claim to do exactly what they say they will do. However, I had high hopes for the new NIOXIN 3-Part System Kits and around six weeks of using these products; my hair has drastically transformed and improved.

These products have a new formulation and are the first innovations in colour protection, enhancement and the delivering of thicker and fuller hair up to TWO times more than normal. There are a total of six NIOXIN 3-Part System kits in the range and one for absolutely everyone. The systems are being introduced to salons for in-salon treatments, so you can use the handy salon finder to find  where uses them. Alternatively, NIOXIN products are available singularly at LookFantastic; should you want to buy and try them at home. The RRP is £32.10.

NIOXIN 3-Part System: Kit 5

My #NIOXIN30Days challenge started by meeting an expert from NIOXIN. We discussed my hair and the concerns I had with it. Whilst I weirdly do have quite a healthy head of hair for someone who's been bleach blonde for a few years, I have been quite concerned about the amount of shedding my hair seems to be experiencing lately. I always notice it in the mornings when I am straightening my hair and look down to find lots of broken hair on my legs or the floor. I do tend to lose a fair amount of hair when washing too, so it was great to get some advice about this problem and be involved in a campaign that could help me solve these issues.

A special microscope tool called the Nioscope 2.0 was used to study my hair. It was in all honesty, quite shocking seeing my hair zoomed up to 2,000 times. The expert studied my scalp and density of my hair. Apparently, my hair was overall quite healthy but very congested on the scalp. This meant that my hair's density has detoriated over the years due to congestion. Follicles in the scalp were blocked with residue of years of products and chemical treatments, preventing my scalp from breathing and sprouting new hair.

After my diagnostic, I was prescribed with Kit 5 for chemically treated hair with progressed thinning. It claims to help achieve noticeably smoother and denser looking hair, so I was looking forward to getting started. It says to use it everyday for 30 days to really achieve and see results, but in reality... who has time to wash their hair everyday for a month? Instead, I was told that I could wash my hair every other day and just do a double shampoo cleanse when I do wash it. This is the routine that I stuck to, but I sometimes did wash it every day depending on how busy I was.

NIOXIN 3-Part System: What's inside the kit

Inside the kits, you get three products. Starting with the Step 1: Cleanser Shampoo, gently massage into the scalp and rinse. If washing your hair every other day, shampoo and rinse again. Then it's time to use the Step 2: Scalp Therapy Revitalizing Conditioner. I love this because it can be applied all over the hair; including the scalp. I massage it into my scalp for a few minutes, worked it across to my ends too and then wash it out. Finally, comes Step 3: Scalp and Hair Treatment; a gel like consistency that is applied to the scalp and roots of damp hair and not rinsed out. This nourishes the scalp and removes the build up of product residue.

The shampoo and conditioner products have a natural, tea tree smell and feeling to them; making my scalp tingle upon application. It's hard to explain, but after rinsing the shampoo from my hair, my scalp felt 'squeaky clean'. My scalp has never looked so healthy before. No dandruff or redness.

Also in the range and thus also tested during the 30 days is the NIOXIN 3D Diaboost Hair Thickening Xtrafusion. This targets thinning hair and delivers visibly thicker and fuller hair upon application and final style. It's easy to use and can be applied to damp or dry hair daily. It should be massaged into the roots only and combed through.

Finally, I have been using the NIOXIN Deep Protect Density Hair Mask to lock in extra moisture to my dehydrated, blonde locks. This can be used in replacement of the conditioner or used afterwards. I didn't use it every time, but I did use it at least once a week and found it helped maintain frizziness and maintained the dryer parts of my hair. More than anything, I found it drastically changed the amount of breakage my hair usually suffers from.

I decided to keep a diary on my phone notes using the NIOXIN system, so that it would be easier and more memorable to record my thoughts and opinions for this post. Here's what I recorded:

Day 1: Hair feels really dry today, so I am going to start the NIOXIN 30 day trial. I've double cleansed using the shampoo and used the other two products in the system kit. I also applied the Deep Protect Density Mask for extra moisture. The products have a menthol/minty feeling and smell to them.

Day 5: Hair feels super smooth today and I am really impressed. Today's the first day where I've straightened my hair and it's not gone fluffy by midday. I will shampoo again tomorrow.

Day 5: limp, lifeless and a thinner ponytail 

Day 10: Used the same products as day 1. Noticed a significant less amount of shedding and the shedded bits are smaller than usual. Having to usually use a serum in my hair routine, my hair feels silky and thicker without having to use a serum.

Day 16: Someone commented on my hair today and how fuller it looks.

Day 20: Double shampoo cleanse today and hair feels squeaky clean. The second shampoo lathered up better than the first. Used the hair mask again and hair feels super smooth and bouncy. Again, not the usual amount of shedding.

Day 23: Washed hair again today. Skipped the hair mask step, but massaged step 3 into my roots with a head massage technique. Followed this with a root boosting mousse from WELLA. Very voluminous hair today, bouncy and shiny. Hardly any shedding at all!

Day 25: Hair feels amazing today. My mum commented how different it looks and that it seems to be growing.

Day 30: Double shampoo cleanse today. Used the mask and the Diaboost Thickening product before blowdrying. Hair feels very voluminious, thick and smooth after straightening. My hair definitely looks a lot sleeker! I haven't worn my hair extensions for the past 2 weeks!

Day 25: a much thicker ponytail

Endorsing a brand with products that has these kinds of claiming results is a big thing to do, so it's also important to only agree to do so if you truly believe in the products themselves. After just the first use of the 3-part system kit from NIOXIN, I was very impressed by the results and can honestly say that my hair has never felt better. I have already recommended the kits to so many people who are intrigued due to seeing the results after 30 days on my own hair.

Feeling a lot more confident to leave the house without using hair extensions to lengthen and thicken my hair is a massive thing for me, but it's something I have managed to do after just 2 weeks of using the NIOXIN products. I even feel more confident to wear upstyles, such as a ponytail or top knot. I am still continuing to use the products and have actually just started using another kit within the range to see how that works for me too.

After 30 days of using the NIOXIN 3-Part System kit and additional products, I headed over to The Wella World Studio in London to work closely with the NIOXIN and WELLA hair teams on some content creation (all of which is credited below each piece of content in this post). I worked really closely with NIOXIN ambassador, Kay McIntyre who created a tutorial on how to use one of the systems with my own hair. It was a really good day and very interesting to hear more about the brand and products themselves.

One of the biggest things I learned at the studio day was that breakage is usually always down to two things; cheap hair straighteners and not using a heat protection spray - both of which I am 110% guilty of! Whilst I have recently chucked away an old hair dryer and got a new one, I think simply taking a little more care of my hair can save it from suffering any longer.

I love NIOXIN so much, that I cannot imagine not using them in my routine now. Even if it's not consecutively and just every now and then to unclog the scalp and thicken my hair, these products will be sitting on the corner of bath waiting to be used the next time.

They say your hair should be full of secrets, but mine's not. My hair is is full thanks to NIOXIN. #FullerHairFullerLife

Disclaimer: This post is a collaborative paid partnership with NIOXIN. All words are my own. Photography and content is owned by NIOXIN and is credited where required. Please do not distribute any of the content on this page without permission. All content is my own unless otherwise stated. 


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