Looking for some gifts for the special gentleman in your life? Look no further than the Being Ashleigh gift guide 2017! Let's get started and kick off with...

Anthony Joshua x LYNX Gift Set | RRP £7.00 but only £2.50 in Wilko
To celebrate AJ fighting in the ring for a decade, LYNX have teamed up with him and brought out a range of different grooming products. This limited edition gift set comes with a bodyspray deodorant and shower gel and I can confirm it's the best smelling masculine product I've ever smelt. If he's a fan of AJ or just loves to smell super sexy, he will love this. I guarantee you'll have the best smelling partner in the entire room.

The Savile Row Company cologne | £27.00 50ml or £39.00 100ml
A prestigious and truly British cologne. Shouting out gentleman vibes, sensuality and masculinity; The Savile Row Company fragrance is aimed at the man who is only seen in the very best. Think tailored, sharp collars and perfectly placed bows and ties. With fresh top notes of amber and warm woods, this fragrance opens with sparkling citrus notes, spicy pink pepper and fresh peppermint. Basically, if he wears this he will definitely turn heads. Bit dangerous really but certainly worth it knowing he's coming home to you.

Dove Men+ Care Gift Set | RRP £14.00 but only £7.00 at Ocado
If you're after a wash gift set that is a little different, this Dove one is the perfect one. It comes not only with a shampoo, shower gel and deodrorant; but with a super handy portable phone charger too. Perfect for him when he's on the go so you're guaranteed a text back!

Bandito Face Masks from masque BAR | £3.99 ASOS 
The perfect stocking filler for any man who likes to look after his skin. Sheet masks are IN and who says men should be left out to the beauty hype that women love?! These Bandito sheet masks from masque BAR have different properties, ingredients and benefits to the skin; with fun names to make them that little bit personal. No excuse for him not to get involved with Sunday's ritual pamper night now. Just get first dibs on not cutting the cucumber!

HUGO BOSS Bottled Tonic | 50ml £44.50 The Fragrance Shop
Bottled Tonic from HUGO BOSS is the latest release from HB and something that is truly special. It's aimed at the successful man who likes to act and look sharp; never seen in anything but the nicest clothes and shoes. With an elegant blend of citrus, spices and woods; it has that masculine twist that us ladies go weak at the knees for. Available in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml, RRP £44.50-£78.50.

Thermapen Digital Thermometer | £65.00
It's red, shiny and fast just like a ferrari... but it's just not as pricey and it's definitely not a car. The Thermapen digital thermometers are a fabulous gift for the guy in your life who loves to cook. What a better present that can actually be cracked open on Christmas morning when he's cooking that crispy turkey for your family and friends. This one has a 360 degrees self-rotating display that will give you the most accurate results possible... or well actually, give him the results.

Frapin VSOP Cognac | 700ml £50.00 Selfridges and Harvey Nichols 
The perfect drink to enjoy on those frosty winter evenings in front of the fire and a box of chocolates on the side. Frapin VSOP is a golden amber cellar masterpiece which can be enjoyed with or after dinner. With a staggering 40% alcohol included, it's definitely one for the big man in your life who can handle his drink better than Uncle Bob. It's best enjoyed when chilled from the freezer as the flavours melt and warm up at room temperature.

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon | £24.00 M&S
With the rise of BBQ street food and US style smokehouses, bourbon is becoming very popular and we all know exactly why. It's delicious! This new release to M&S has a whopping 45% alcohol and is best enjoyed neat or over a small glass of ice. Rich, spicy flavours along with sweet, fruity aromas and hints of sweet oak and caramel. Finishes soft, smooth and pleasantly long. The palate is creamy, ending with a well-balanced moderately sweet finish.

The best Secret Santa or joke present for Dad that you'll probably ever find. This creepy crawly game will really test how daring he is. Simply spin the wheel and eat the bug that it lands on! Can he stomach eating crickets, mealworms and locusts? Only one way to find out!

The perfect stocking filler for the man that loves baking; especially Christmas baked treats! He can achieve those spicy, cinnamon and festive baked goods with the help of these spice drops. Simply use the stopper to add into your baking mixture and voila... festive treats all round. Nigella Lawson LOVES them! 

Only a few days left till the big day, but still plenty of time to get these picked up in-store or online with a speedy delivery! 


  1. This is a fab guide and Hugo Boss usually makes an appearance in this house x

  2. Ha ha the bug roulette is fun. I've gone a BBQ pizza oven x

  3. I don't think you can ever go wrong with a lynx gift set!! I've got my husband a few gift sets ready!

  4. Wilko is a fab place to pick up Christmas supplies. They sell hamper baskets so you can make your own gift hammers at the fraction of the price of the ones that are ready filled

  5. Never mind 'for him' I want a thermapen for me! And I'm tempted to get the Husband some of those face masks just to see his expression when he opens the wrapping.

  6. I've bought Hugo Boss Bottled for my boyfriend for Christmas this year, and I use the coriander seed version of Spice Drops in my curries and it's great.

  7. Men are so hard to buy for, but love your suggestions. Especially the Hugo Boss scent. It's one of my favourites on men x

  8. I absolutely love the look of those Bandito Face Masks, great they have them for the menfolk too!

    1. I thought that too! Never seen face masks for men before these x

  9. Those spice drops sound really cool! Hadn’t seen anything like those before

  10. Your gift items is so interesting and useful. This all small items is very favorite for any one. I am like also. I gifted as like this gift on my girlfriend. She was very happy to when she got it. That was a great gift idea for any one.


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