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The first rule of fashion is pretty simple and straight forward - there are no rules.

Style should be all about individuality and personal expression. It's cool to share your favourite looks with the world as everyone dresses in a way that they want to be portrayed. So having said that, how can you ensure that you are not only looking great, but that you are feeling great too?

When it comes to putting together the perfect outfit, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration. As well as including clothing and accessories that reflect your individual look and personality; it is important to stay creative. Consider your wardrobe and take all of the available options into account. You never know; you might just discover the perfect pairing completely by accident!

However, whilst bearing this in mind, it is also important to remember that the way in which you outwardly present yourself, can speak volumes to the people you meet, pass and interact with throughout the day.

Tip 1: Individuality

To that end, it is important to not only express your individuality, but to also ensure that your dress is appropiate for the occasion at hand. Seasonal attire and dressing according to the day's weather forecast are understandably important. However, it is also vital to ensure that the outfit you have chosen is also well suited to the day's plans and activities.

Professional situations may require a more conserved, toned-down approach. On the other hand, casual meet-ups allow you the freedom to choose your outfit without applying any boundaries. Despite this, as every true fashionista will doubtlessly know; there is much more to pulling off a great outfit than simply choosing the right clothes. Your accessories have the ability to transform a dull outfit into a showstopper; and vice versa. From shoes and bags, to jewellery and hair accessories; sometimes it is the smallest of additions that can add just the right amount of sparkle to your look.

However, this can also work the other way - meaning that you may be left struggling to pick out the perfect accompaniment to your outfit. Luckily, there are plenty of existing styles and trends that you can research and take inspiration from. This will provide the perfect way to add your own unique twist to a classic look.

Tip 2: Trust your instincts

Knowing the importance of accessories is one thing, but how can you make sure that the accessory you have chosen is right for the occasion?

The most important tip is to go with your initial gut feeling. If you aren't sure if a particular piece works, it is always best practice to trust your instincts. After all, no one knows your own fashion sense better than you. Therefore, it's always worth paying attention to the little voice in the back of your head. If you still aren't sure, why not ask someone you trust for a second opinion? Getting honest feedback from else can be a truly invaluable way to double check if your outfit is on point.

Tip 3: Dress for the occasion

Similarly as mentioned earlier, it is also important to make sure that every aspect of your outfit suits the occasion. When it comes to accessories, luxury jewellery is a great option for parties and standing out from the crowd. Whereas a subtle, yet still noticeable piece of designer jewellery is a great choice for professional situations; like meetings and job interviews. If you are on the lookout for the all important piece of statement jewellery, London based designer Tateossian make some truly stunning pieces for both men and women.

No matter what the occasion, the best thing is to always ensure that your look stays true to your personality and individual style. After all, following the trend is one thing, but showcasing your own style is always sure to guarantee success. 

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  1. Anonymous25/8/17

    I love seeing peoples individuality when it comes to accessories, It makes buying presents for friends easy I think as you can see things and instantly know who it would fit!

    1. I completely agree! People who are close to me, I know their personal style, so it makes gift buying much easier!

  2. Great tips here. I agree, individuality is important - as is dressing for the occasion.

    1. Totally! Wouldn't want to look too underdressed for something formal!

  3. Individuality is so important as different pieces can reflect who u are. I do love shopping for accessories especially if I come across something unique.

    1. Same here! I'm all about items that stand out.

  4. Such great tips, I couldn't agree more!

    Emma xx

  5. Anonymous26/8/17

    I think a person's personality can really shine through, from accessories!! I really need t wear accessories more xx

  6. Such fab tips for choosing accessories! Totally agree with it showing individuality, I need to wear accessories more

  7. with you on trusting your instinct - I find if I over think it I'm less happy x

  8. Great tips on styling! i love showing individuality and express how I feel in fashion

  9. I always make sure I dress appropriately according to weather and what I'm up to in the day. That is my number one priority. I don't usually wear accessories though


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