Tucked away in London, at number 111 Old Broad Street, is The Otherist. It's a bar and restaurant that is specifically designed for the London city girl or guy. The place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of rush hour and unwind, re-charge your batteries and chill out.

The Otherist is consequently only open on Monday to Friday, from 7.30am till late. It's the perfect place to pop in for coffee before work, a light lunch away from the office or dinner and drinks with a Tinder date after work.

I was recently invited along to try out the all-day menu and in all honesty, I couldn't wait. It's tucked away a 5 minute walk from London Liverpool Street station and our table was booked for the afternoon, so lunch was very much needed.

The Otherist are very popular for their choice of drinks. Whether you fancy something more sophisticated like wine, or masculine like whiskey; they're guaranteed to have something for you. Both my Mum and I ordered Pornstar Martini cocktails, which were as delicious as anything.

The Otherist
111 Old Broad St
 London, EC2N 1AP

Whilst perusing over the menu, we enjoyed some sourdough bread with warm butter (£4.95). Is there anything better?   Wait, that question doesn't need an answer.

There are a few different starters to choose from and it was a complete no brainer for me. I ordered the Scotch Egg (£5.95). It arrived warm and freshly cooked with the yolk oozing out upon cutting it in half. Presented with a chorizo and smoked paprika mayonnaise drizzled around; I'm a real scotch egg enthusiast and I can confirm, it was bloody delicious.

Mum went for the complete opposite and ordered the Chicken Satay (£6.25). Imagine chicken bubbling away in a peanut and sesame sauce. A red pot of goodness is how she describes it.

Our starters went down well and between finishing them and beginning our mains, it gave us plenty of time to chat to the waiter about The Otherist and also snap some photos. 

The service we received from The Otherist was spectacular and without having you wonder whether this review carries on a positive one, it well and truly does.

It's always so nice when a restaurant's staff make you feel so welcome. From the second we walked in and was greeted by a host who was well aware of my expected arrival, to the round booth table we was given and the checking everything was okay for the duration of our stay. For that simple and effective customer service, they win lots. 

For main, I was a bit of a basic girl and ordered the 8oz cheeseburger (£8.95) with chips (£3.25), but it was honestly very nice and went down well, even though I would admit it's maybe slightly over priced and would be a bit better if it came with chips. However, nothing beats dipping chips in mayonnaise in my opinion, so it was well worth it! 

The other main ordered was the Grilled Salmon (£12.95), which came with a pecan crunch, lemon, potatoes and some other vegetables; including a bowl of buttered spinach (£4.50). My mum has reported back that it was one of the nicest salmon dishes she has had before. Considering the waiter told us that the chef is renowned for his fish dishes, his words really did live up to our expectations!

Our meals were very nice and enjoyed very much. We definitely felt very full up, but was then persuaded by the waiter to try out the dessert menu. I feel like it's possibly a waste of time to travel all that way and not try out the desserts...

You feel me?

I was simple basic girl again and ordered the Raspberry Sorbet (£4.50), as I tend to order sorbet when I honestly feel very full up but don't want to miss out on the sweet dishes. I also love ordering sorbet over ice-cream, because it feels like I am taking in less calories. Probably not true, but either way this sorbet was delicious, fruity and just 'berry' nice. 

Mum went for the Pecan Tart (£5.95), which came with ice-cream. Of course it was nice and hit the spot for her very well. She enjoyed it from the first spoonful to the very last. I heard she's nuts for anything pecan!

I only have good things to say about The Otherist and definitely recommend you visit if you can. It's a bit of a negative that they are only open during the week. However, I like the idea of a restaurant and bar that is specifically designed for busy city workers.  After all, is anywhere else like that? Nope and that's why they are doing things so very well. It's a thumbs up from me!

Disclaimer: All opinions and photographs are my own. I was invited along for a complimentary meal for 2, in return for an honest review on Being Ashleigh. 


  1. That scotch egg though!

    Katie |

    1. Ah, I know. It was bloody delicious! Craving another one now, haha!

      Ashleigh x

  2. I'm quite hungry now having read your review! The food looks so delicious :)

  3. Oh my god, this looks so good! However, such a shame it's only open Monday - Friday as I'm normally in London at the weekends! Great shots too! xo

    ​Jess xo | ​Jessica Ann ❤️

  4. I love the look of this place. I often have meetings with PRs so if I'm near Liverpool St I'll have to recommend this place.

  5. I'm off to London next week and have been looking for places to eat. That scotch egg looks amazing! This is totally my type of place

  6. I love the pictures, they look like they belong on the restaurant's website! Will have to keep in mind on my next trip to London

  7. Great photos. It looks like a great place to stop and have a few drinks and get some tasty food.

  8. Oh wow! Everything looks delicious! Especially the drinks!

  9. Wow i absolutely love the look of this restaurant from the decor which is right up my street to the amazing drinks and food, must say those eggs look scrummy :) x

  10. It sounds like a great place, and somewhere I would definitely visit. The food looks and sounds amazing


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