A month ago, I was challenged by Garnier to take their 28 day Pure Active Sensitive challenge, using their NEW Anti-Blemish range. I adore finding new skincare products that work for me, especially exclusives or products that are yet to launch in shops. Considering I do have quite sensitive skin, I was even more excited to give this trio of products a whizz.

Firstly, they arrived in the cutest little tote makeup bag, which really did put a smile on my face! The range consists of the: Anti-Blemish Clarifying Tonic, Anti-Blemish Soap-Free Gel Wash and the Anti-Blemish Soothing Moisturiser. 

For the past 28 days, I have used all three of these products morning AND night and have made sure to not use any other products at any time. My skin is generally very good and only really breaks out a few days before my time of the month or if I am undergoing any stress. In terms of skin type, I am dry to combination and it's always been that way. It is quite sensitive, as my eyes can be quite sore after removing makeup and if a product is too harsh for my skin, it will let me know about it. 

So, how did I get on? Let's find out...

I have been using this gel cleanser both morning and evening. It's not a foamy cleanser like some can be, which I prefer as it's never irritated my eyes. This cleanser has a very fresh-almost-like-cucumber smell, which is my personal favourite in cleansing products. 

It's very gentle to the skin and helps to remove those impurities and makeup that you may have missed beforehand. I know some people have applied this on top of makeup to remove it, but I've been using it after removing my makeup using a hot cloth cleanser method or the lazier option; micellar water and cotton pads. Come on, we're all guilty of that one...

A tonic for me is essential. It always stuns me how much makeup is still on your face after what you thought was removing it. This tonic is my favourite product out of the trio. Again, it has that fresh smell and is incredibly gentle and calming to the skin due to the added witch hazel.  

I apply it on a cotton pad, which is enough to sweep across my whole face. It acts as a barrier that keeps impurities away; making sure to remove every last bit of makeup from your face before moisturising. I find it works wonders when your face is feeling a little sore from breakouts or maybe tight. I can't put into how words how incredibly calming this is to my skin. If there's one product you need to try this year, it's this one.

This is the only product out of the three which I have managed to use completely in the whole 28 days. So, it's safe to say if you intend on using this twice a day, one single 50ml tube will last you around a month or so. 

The moisturiser is in-between a thin and thick consistency, but is what I would describe as perfect for both a daytime and evening moisturiser. Again, it's very calming to the skin and makes my face feel replenished before bed and refreshed before primer and makeup application. 

The range is now available at Boots and I fully recommend all three products if you have blemish prone skin. I know so many people who also rave lots about these products, so it's clear they are utter game changers in the beauty world. I just need to re-stock up on the moisturiser now!

Disclaimer: PR samples. All words, opinions and photographs are my own. 


  1. Love the concept of this, definitely need to give it a try! x

  2. This sounds like such a great range! I will have to give it a try. X


  3. I love the look of these. I am in desperate need of a new cleansing routine and like the look of these. x

  4. Oh these sound like great products, i have only used Garniers Micellar water which I love. Must check these out the next time im in Boots x

  5. I have very sensitive skin so I think I'm going to have to give these products a go - great they are available from Boots so I can use my points too!


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