Whether we like it or not, Valentine's Day is around the corner. The 'I Love You' teddies are everywhere, sickly cards and red envelopes are the first thing you see in the supermarkets and all of a buying chocolate becomes so unappealing.

I thought I would put together a little gift guide for people who are struggling with ideas on what to buy. Perfect for you good boys (and gals) out there who are looking to spoil your girl for the big, sickly day. I'll warn you now, it's mostly a guide for Her. However, I have a couple of gift ideas at the end for Him.

Paco Rabanne OLYMPEA Eau de Parfum - £70 (80ml)
My favourite scent in the world is this and I am very excited to have it stocked up on my dressing table in the biggest bottle. It's become my 'signature scent' and pretty much what I am known to people for wearing. A mix of vanilla, mandarin and sandalwood; she's guaranteed to have heads turning when wearing this eau de parfum.

3D Pop Up Card - from £4.50
Surprise your loved one with a Valentine's card like no other. The paper sculptures are inspired by Kirigami; the beautiful Japanese art of cutting and folding paper. They are beautifully crafted and are really made for that special person in your life. Even better, they have same sex cards which is just wonderful. Check out this gorgeous one I received with a loved up couple inside kissing! So sweet. 

These gorgeous block heeled shoes are the perfect Valentine gift for any lady who appreciates a classic shoe in her life. Featured a square almond shaped toe and an elegant ankle strap; she is guaranteed to be asked about these shoes she's wearing on your date together. Unfortunately now sold out, there are plenty of other similar styles she will love!

Chambord - £6 (20cl Sainsburys)
If she's partial to a glass of prosecco, then this is a great gift to treat her to. Chambord is a luxurious French raspberry liqueur, made from an infusion of red and black raspberries. It magically changes the taste slightly in champagne, prosecco and cocktails; giving it a much more vibrant and fruit flavour.

A great gift to go alongside the Chambord is a bottle of personalised proseco from Each bottle can be personalised with a name, date and/or personalised message. Add a luxury gift box for an extra £5 and you're set for a bubbly night in. 

Theatre Style Lightbox - £15
Lightboxes are no secret in the blogging world. Practically every blogger has one and to be honest, yes I will admit I had a case of FOMO. Moojoe Gifts is an independent online gift shop that has a whole range of different home and lifestyle Valentine's Day gifts. This lightbox is a steal at just £15 and will entertain the special lady in your life forever.

These gorgeous wash bags are the perfect gift for any lady who uses a wash bag often. The high quality tote material features a gorgeous Victorian inspired perfume design; making it look extra special sitting in the bathroom. There's also a matching afterhshave wash bag for Him if you fancy getting matching ones!

thortful keepsake card notebooks - £9.99
thortful have some really pretty, quirky and cute designs for Valentine cards. However, they also offer all of their card designs as an A5 notebook design. Perfect for the lady in your life who enjoys nothing other than jotting down her daily thoughts, her grocery lists or weird and wonderful doodles. thortful cards are printed on high quality A5 paper and available to purchase at or via the thortful app for £2.99 (+p&p). The new Keepsake Card Notebooks are priced at £9.99 (inc p&p)

I've never considered getting flowers from Moonpig before, but their Valentine's bouquets are simply gorgeous. A beautiful bunch of red roses arrived for me a few weeks ago and they sat proudly in a vase in the kitchen for 10 days; after having a water change every other day.

I was very pleased that they lasted this long as sometimes I feel like flowers can be a waste of money. However, if a lovely young chap bought me a bunch of red roses from Moonpig this Valentine's Day, I'd be a very happy bunny. No pressure if you're a guy reading who knows me in RL.

Paxton Chocolate Thins - £25
If you're out to shop for the best and to impress, then you need to snap up these Paxton chocolates. They are the floral patterned thins and are incredible to look at but also taste delightful. The amount of work that has gone into producing them is outstanding. There are four flavours; including chocolate and cherry, chocolate and mango and even chocolate passion fruit and chilli!

I can't believe how great this idea is. Nutalicious offer you the chance to handpick from 40 different fruit and nut options to make a custom box for your loved one. Choose from either 4 or 8 boxes and customise till your heart's content. For £15.00 for a box of 4, I customised mine with macadamia nuts, dried cranberries, milk chocolate brazil nuts and fruit and nut mix.  A great gift for the person in your life with an active lifestyle or someone who's not so keen on chocolate!

The ideal everyday earphone goes to these little beauties. I've been trialling them out for a couple of weeks now and I am so pleased with them. Firstly, aesthetic first and all that. These come in a range of snazzy colours, including rose gold. Every girl's dream colour, right?!

They work with bluetooth connection, so means there is no tangling and no wire getting in the way from your workout. I'm really impressed with the sound quality too produced from the soft silicon earbuds. It's also great for me to finally find a pair of earphones that fit my ears properly, as most earphones fall out!

It may seem like a bit of a random gift to add into a Valentine's Gift guide, but I'll have you know that watermelon acts as a natural viagra. Watermelon is highly rich in amino acids that relax and dilate blood vessels. Not only are these Mello drinks in particular great for improving the natural glow to your skin, but you can also improve your love life! Available in Waitrose for £2.49

Hand Creams - £6 (25g)

The slightly more sophisticated or older lady may appreciate these gorgeous rose and white chocolate biscuits from Crabtree & Evelyn. Made a family bakery based in Lancashire, these biscuits have creamy chunks of white chocolate and crystallised rose petals entwined into the biscuit. They really are stunning and scrumptious too! 

Perfect for the lady who slaves at her desk on a 9-5 everyday. A very cheeky snack or treat (or both if she's anything like myself). These Posh Choc Nibbles are made from milk chocolate and have an icing sugar coating inside. Definitely one for the sweet tooth!

If she's the classy Blair Waldorf type, then treat her to some new shades ready for Spring to hit her in the face like no tomorrow. These cat eye shades from Maui Jim in particular are my favourite. Not only do I adore cat-eye shapes for my round face, but there's a certain quality about these that just make me proud to wear them. I can't wait to get my Audrey Hepburn on!

Teeth Whitening/Straightening
The perfect gift for the beauty conscious is teeth whitening. A gift that you've probably never thought about, but anyone who's not 100% happy with their teeth, would definitely benefit from this gift idea. The best place to go to for teeth straightening in London is Dr John Fagbemi's clinic. He offers invisible braces with Invisalign. Great for someone who wants straighter teeth without the commitment to metal braces. Put a smile on their face and watch them confidently show their teeth when doing so. 

Olympus Pen EPL7/8 accessories 

The Outfit - £49.99
If your girlfriend is a blogger, then she will most likely have the Olympus Pen EPL7 or 8 camera. I myself upgraded to this camera about a month ago and I honestly wish I had done it sooner. Infact, all of my photographs for this post were shot on my Olympus and 45mm lens and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

If she has the camera, then buy her the outfit. What I mean is, Olymous have what they call 'outfits' for the pen cameras. These are suede body cases that attach to a longer strap. Encourage her to protect her pen, but still look super stylish in the process.

The Limited Edition Lens Cap
I'm not sure if this is even for sale, but the amazing guys based in the Hamburg offices at Olympus sent me over a limited edition lens cap to congratulate me on my very big purchase. It looks timeless and classy on my pen lenses. 

Perfect for the lady who cares about the planet. These cruelty free makeup brushes from The Body Shop are made using synthetic hair, so can be used on the face absolute guilt free. The finger brush cleaner is the cutest thing ever. With added little grooves of different sizes, cleaning your makeup brushes has never been easier!

Guylian Chocolates - £7 
The Guylian praline seashell chocolates are an absolute classic, aren't they? Even better though, they have brought out a 375g bumper size box with extra chocolates for that special person in your life this Valentine's Day.  Get these out of the hiding space after cooking her dinner and you're guaranteed to have a spicy night in.

If you have that cheesy and comical type of relationship, then these bananas for you chocolates will definitely spark some laughter. They look so realistic but are actually 100% chocolate! Choc on Choc have some other great novelty chocolates that are definitely worth checking out.

A3 Art Print
Zebra One Gallery are selling 50 hand signed A3 sized prints each of legendary artists Raul and Hayden's Valentine's prints. Hayden's work has already been celebrated by the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Jude Law. His work is simply stunning and deserves as much recognition as possible. If he or she is an art appreciator,  one of these A3 prints will look stunning in the bedroom.

Finally, I thought I would include another bunch of flowers from Blossoming Gifts. Their Valentine's collection is gorgeous, with every bouquet being different from the next. On a budget? No worries! Get 33% off a bouquet with code BGIFTS33 - you're welcome!

Finally, I have a couple of ideal gifts for Him!

If he's a beer lover, then the gift to get him this year is pretty self explanatory. Play it safe and treat him to a crate of raspberry wheat beer from Meantime Brewing Company. A case of x12 bottles is only £21.99; with a crispy fruitiness from raspberries. Or go the opposite way and get a case of x12 bottles of the Yakima Red beer; with a citrus and fruity taste playing with bitterness on the tastebuds too. 

Give the gift of kissing this Valentine's Day and let him know it's out with the old and in with the new. If your man is hopeless at regulary replacing his razor, then it's time to upgrade to a slightly better one. This Hydrop 5 razor from Wilkinson Sword has innovative gel pools that release a lubricating gel for each shave. This means silky smooth skin and less chance of cuts.  There is also a sensitive version with added aloe vera for those extra sensitive skin types!

Braun Series 3 Shaver - £49.99 Argos / RRP £99.99
If he's a slightly more hairier man, then treat him to the BRAUN Series 3 electronic shaver.  The new MicroComb technology has a comb like structure to the device which guides the beard hairs into the cutting element. It ensures the closest possible skin contact and isn't very noisy either, which is always a bonus when us girls are napping!  It's a slight pricier option, but definitely worth the expense if your man goes through cheap razors like nobody's business. 

Nobody wants a stinky boyfriend or husband, so why not surprise him with a brand new Eau de Toilette? I love The Bluebeards Revenge and have featured them a few times on my blog, as I believe they are a fabulous brand for bearded men (and we all know I'm partial to one of those). 

This gift set has a shower gel and Eau de Toilette that smells like FRESH MAN. It's the only way I can describe the scent. Put it this way, if I was standing next to a man at the bar who was wearing this, he would most definitely be getting the eye.

There we have it! My hefty Valentine's Day 2017 Gift Guide. If you're spending Valentine's Day alone this year like myself, then don't worry about it. Order a pizza and treat yourself to them shoes that have been sitting in your checkout basket since last pay day. Either way, it's just another day really!

Disclaimer: Contains PR samples and a collaboration. 


  1. What an amazing gift guide. I would love so many things on here. Love the chocolate and I would go for the teeth whitening! :) Angela

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    xx, Pia

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